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The Comedy of Errors

Promoter Focus: IKE Productions

24 August 15 words: Promoter Focus
What goes on at an IKE Promotions gig? Only one way to find out
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Name of your events:
Load of Meat Fest, Armageddon Festival, Macmillan Fest, Degeneration Festival.

Metal, hardcore, rock, acoustic, indie, folk, alt rock, pop punk.

Venues you do stuff at:
The Maze, The Victoria Inn (Derby), The Shed (Leicester), Rescue Rooms, Rock City, The Bodega, Red Rooms, The Old Angel.

Who else helps you run the nights:
Jamie Walton, Matt Atherton, Phil Taylor.

Describe the average punter at your nights:
Loves their music, and a few beers.

Which local act has gone down best with your crowd and why?
The Gorgeous Chans recent show at Rescue Rooms on 7 April 2015. The crowd was electric.

Which non-local act would you bring back again?
I'd love to bring back The Algorithm, they were one of the biggest surprises we had for Macmillan Fest 2013 and they went down a storm despite nobody in Nottingham knowing really what to expect.

If you could get a celebrity compere who would you choose and why?
Bill Bailey would be pretty cool, he loves his heavier events as seen when playing at Sonisphere. I think he'd fit right in.

Which booze sells best at your events?
Good ale usually from the folks at Castle Rock. Mmmmm.

Tell us a crazy story that has happened at your events
It’s an odd one. I met a chap a few years ago who was travelling to local shows around the UK. He came to one of ours and we found out he was dying of cancer but was spending all of his savings at local events getting all of the local acts wasted and more... £400 and a few dodgy roll-ups later and most the bands were either cartwheeling around the patio or crying in the corner. That was hazy...

If you weren't a promoter what would you have ended up doing?
I've always had a personal passion for gardening – I still help the folks with the occasional bit – if it wasn't that, I'd love to go into a marketing role.

What other events in Nottingham do you love?
Big love to the Hockley Hustle, Hit The Deck, Dot to Dot and Waterfront Festival.

What have you got coming up in September?
We have Macmillan Fest Nottingham on Saturday 5 September, and Bristol on Saturday 26 September. In neighbouring Derby, we’ve got Palm Reader at The Victoria Inn on Thursday 3 September, and Create To Inspire, Shields, Falling With Style at The Victoria Inn on Saturday 26 September. Plus weekly nights at The Victoria Inn every Tuesday. And a couple more tasty treats still to be announced.

Ike Productions website

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