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LeftLion illustrators in support of Charlie Hebdo

8 January 15 words: LeftLion
In the light of the horrific events in Paris, some of our illustrators have felt the need to put pencil to paper

By Raphael Achache

By Raphael Achache - @raphroman


By Rebecca Hendin - @HendinArts

By Rebecca Hendin - @HendinArts 

By Si Mitchell - Si Mitchell on Facebook

By Si Mitchell - Si Mitchell on Facebook

By Cameron Bain

By Cameron Bain

By Pete Dredge

By Pete Dredge - Pete Dredge website


Update: 9/10/2014

Since we published the above cartoons, we've received a lot of feedback from our readers and so we thought we'd clarify our position.

We at LeftLion magazine were shocked and saddened at the horrific deaths of twelve members of editorial staff from Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris on Wednesday 7 January.

As an organisation, and as people, we do not agree with everything Charlie Hebdo published and we understand their work offended a large number of people. But whether we agree or disagree with what Charlie Hebdo published is irrelevant. We believe the right for media outlets like them to challenge beliefs and satirise the world we all live in is something all media outlets should stand up for.

Twelve people died this week because of things they wrote and drew in a magazine. At times like this we believe it's important to remember that offence cannot be given, only taken. 

Jared Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, LeftLion Magazine

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