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The Comedy of Errors

Notts What I Call Music Vol. 2 - Submissions Open

22 January 15 words: Jared Wilson
Calling all Notts musicians. Want your music on the 2015 'Best of Notts' compilation from LeftLion?
Notts What I Call Music

Notts What I Call Music

Last year LeftLion, One Nottingham and friends put together a compilation CD called Notts What I Call Music, featuring nineteen local artists such as Ronika, Baby Godzilla and Kagoule.

2000 copies were given out for free at events like the Nottingham Young Creative Awards, Hockley Hustle and Splendour Festival. CDs have also trekked the globe and been handed over to music industry types in countries as far flung as France, Rio and China.

More importantly, the compilation was sent out across the UK national press to people at NME, Radio 1, BBC 6music and many more.

It got mentions on Twitter from people who loved it, such as BAFTA-winning actress Vicky McClure and former Arts Council Chief Executive Alan Davey (now controller of BBC Radio 3). 

We’re planning Volume 2 right now and are open to your submissions. If you’re a band or artist from Nottingham and you like the idea of being on a compilation of the best new acts your city has to offer, then we want to hear from you.

If you want in, here’s what to do:

  1. Email us on [email protected] with high quality files of one or two tracks. These can be sent via a dropbox (or similar file hosting service) - whatever makes it easy for us to get them. We want high quality digital files, so please do not send us post us physical records or CDs.
  2. In the same email, please include high-res cover artwork from an EP or album they are featured on (or failing that a band photo), as this image will feature inside the sleeve notes.
  3. Please include a link to your primary web presence (e.g. your website or SoundCloud) that you want us to feature on the CD. We will only feature one link for each artist.

Deadline for submissions is Friday 20 February. If we decide to select your track for inclusion on this year’s compilation, then one of the LeftLion team will be back in touch with you shortly after then.

Artwork from the sleeve inlay of NWICM Volume 1

Artwork from the sleeve inlay of NWICM Volume 1

A few bits worth knowing, before you submit your tracks:

  • We will only be putting one track from each band or artist on this CD, no matter how good we think your stuff is.
  • No cover versions. We only want songs that are original material.
  • Don't send us tracks with loads of swearing on. It doesn't bother us, but it might bother people who listen to the CD. Radio-friendly edits only please.
  • There are no royalties for you in doing this. It’s a free promotional CD to raise the profile of acts in our local music scene (although several of the acts on last year’s CD have since gained royalties for usage of their tracks from people and companies who first heard it on the compilation).
  • We will only be putting these tracks onto this CD. We will not be putting them online or anywhere else. If anyone asks us for an online link we will direct them to you.
  • If you are currently signed to a record label then you need to check with your label (or whoever owns the rights) before you submit your tracks to us.
  • If you are selected you will need to visit us to sign some paperwork, reflecting all of the above.
  • If you are not selected then we're sorry. But there is only a limited amount of space on the CD and we cannot enter into lengthy correspondance with each and every artist who is unsucessful. However, you're all welcome to enter again next year.

Notts What I Call Music is a project from LeftLion Extended and is supported by One Nottingham.

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