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Suspect Alibi: Future Sound of Nottingham Winners

15 July 15 words: Sam Nahirny
"It feels like just yesterday we were jamming in Jack's room, and now we're playing the biggest stage in Nottingham"
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Photo: Louise Clutterbuck

Has the win sunk in yet?
Rish: I think it’s starting to now. The prospect of playing Splendour – we’ve been watching videos of previous years, and we can’t wait.

How was the night for you?
Niall: Insane, especially as we could see the crowd and their reaction.
Rish: Yeah, it’s the biggest crowd we’ve ever played to. And the stage that means the most to us – it’s one of the best venues in the county. We’ve been going there for so many years now, seeing our favourite artists. So to get such a good reaction was incredible.

And the mosh pit…
Joe: Haha, I kinda saw it out of the corner of my eye and couldn’t believe it.

Highlight of playing for you?
Joe: Hearing everyone sing back Nowhere was crazy fun. Hearing it work with people that weren’t just our friends, that was special. They learned the song there and then.

You mentioned previously playing Glastonbury as the best gig you’ve ever played. Did it top it?
Joe: They’re such different experiences, they’re difficult to compare. Glasto was a massive festival but a small stage. That was full-on, but I think FSN topped it.
Niall: And I think we knew that if we did well at FSN, there would be things afterwards.
Rish: This was a bigger platform for us.

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Photo: Louise Clutterbuck

Do you prefer playing the more intimate venues or larger stages like Rock City and Splendour?
Joe: I don’t think you have to pick between the two. I think a band should be able to enjoy a sweaty intimate gig, as well as a festival stage.
Rish: If you enjoy being on stage it doesn’t matter. When you’ve got people watching you, you can enjoy it wherever it is.

Who are you most looking forward to playing alongside at Splendour?
Joe: We’re big fans of everyone there. Obviously The Specials, cos they’re The Specials. It’s funny cos I saw Amber Run at YNOT festival, I went up to them, plugged us, and sent them some very bad demos. So now it’s really weird to think that we’re going to be playing on the same stage as them.
Rish: To Kill a King as well. Them and Amber Run are two of my favourite bands this year, so now to be playing on the same stage as them, I’m really looking forward to that.
Joe: We feel like we’ve cheated. There’s something we haven’t done to play the main stage of this festival.
Rish: We’ve all been to school together, it feels like just yesterday we were jamming in Jack’s room, and now we’re playing the biggest stage in Nottingham.
Joe: We’re confident in our music, but not cocky. We play music to enjoy it – hopefully people will listen.

Post-Splendour, what’s next?
Rish: Back in the studio. We’re hoping to release a single later this year. And then take it from there, see what happens.
Niall: We’re gonna mess around with the live setup too, make it sound a bit more professional.
Rish: Yeah, we want to progress a bit. See where we can go from here.

Suspect Alibi will be opening the main stage at Splendour Festival, Saturday 18 July, £22 - £48.40, Wollaton Park.

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