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LeftLion Stereo: June

22 June 15 words: llstereo
Find out what we've been listening to this month. It's all Notts and it's all hot. Hold tight, here we go. Scream if you wanna go faster

Kagoule - Gush (Swim Palace Remix)
Former Swimming man, John Sampson, rearranges the DNA of this forthcoming track from the alt-rock trio’s debut album and creates an altogether more trippy creature.

VVV - Tripple VVV
Notts hip hop supergroup featuring Juga-Naut, who we shine the musical spotlight on this issue, alongside fellow wordsmiths, Cappo and Vandal.

The Gorgeous Chans - By The Highway
The B-side to their forthcoming single, Marina & I, is less bombastic than previous outings, perhaps showcasing a more mature side. But it’s still got beautiful chiming guitars, soaring vocals, and the all important saxophone we’ve come to expect from this lot.

Sleaford Mods - Faces To Faces
Taken from a forthcoming split 7” with fellow punk agitprops The Pop Group. An alternative version of a track that will appear on the next SM LP, Key Markets.

Same Streets - Wired
Rabble-rousing rock ‘n’ roll taking its cues directly from the beat groups of the sixties and topped off by snarling vocals from frontman, James Gooch.

Death Party UK - Mark of the Vampire
Influenced by the forties horror film of the same name and with a video filmed in the ruins of Annesley Hall, this is gothabilly at its camp best.

Huskies - North Coast
Recorded by Rory Attwell on his Lightship95 boat/studio and it shows. These indie-pop tykes have never sounded so confident and, well, this good. More of the same please.

Widows - Blue Tina
Growling stoner-rock that could’ve been formed in the Arizona desert, but instead was chiselled from the sandstone rock of Notts.

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