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The Comedy of Errors

Pick of the Week: 22 - 28 June

21 June 15 words: POTW
With ballet, speed dating and an EP launch, there's no end of stuff to do in Notts this week
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Hopefully not the way it goes... illustration: Rikki Marr

Speed Dating
Calling all young, free and single professionals. If you’re sick of lounging lay abouts and gold digging non-grafters nicking all your hard earned cash and draining your love bank, then sigh into your silk sheets no longer. The brilliantly American Missoula Montana (formerly the swanky Living Room Bar) are hosting a speed dating event especially for you. Brought to you by the When The Music Stops Love Doctor, you’ll have around three minutes to cram in all the nitty gritty questions to your prospective partner: Do they own their own company? Have they ever used the phrase, “I’ll pay you back as soon as my pay cheque clears”? Can they fly themselves to your holiday home in the Bahamas? You know, all the important stuff.
Monday 22 June, 7.30pm, £20, Missoula

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image: Paul Dale

‘It’s Not The Baby Blues’ Photography Exhibition 
Having a little’un should be the happiest time of a new mother’s life. But for many, they are debilitated by post-natal depression. It be one of the loneliest, most debilitating mental illnesses, which, due to its nature, can leave sufferers feeling guilty and embarrassed. It’s important that we continue to raise awareness for invisible illnesses such as this, and one man paving the way to doing so, is photographer, Paul Dale. In collaboration with Open House Nottingham, his collection of photographs of ten women who have suffered with the condition will be accompanied by their stories, for viewers to try and get a better understanding of the illness. The gallery is intimate, and is open all week.
Runs until Sunday 28 June, 9am-5pm, free, The Henderson Gallery, Malt Cross

Mickey Sharma and Steve Bugeja 
Have you had a tough week, ‘Lion cubs? Are the cruel, harsh ways of this wicked world gerrin you right down in the dumps? Does yer mam keep punishing you with soggy yorkie puds and out of date jam? If so, then we think you need to get out there and cheer yourself up. Perhaps with a spot of comedy? At the Canal House? Perfect, glad you agree. The funny men that are Sharma and Bugeja are gonna be doing their thing down by the water, in preparation for their summer stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you’re not planning on heading up there this year, then this is the perfect opportunity to grab ‘em while they’re about. And all for a measly four quid. Whizzer.
Wednesday 24 June, 8pm, £4, Canal House

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Look at him, all thoughtful on that wall

Bru-C Black & Red EP 
Bru-C’s last EP saw him rapping about a battle move from Dragon Ball Z. Unsurprisingly, it went down a bloody storm with all the underage roadmen. Now, though, Josh has got a beautiful little youtdem to call his own, and he’s grown up a hell of a lot - the proof is in the punch with his new EP, Black & Red. Promoting a positive message in his chilled out hip hop stylings, Bru-C is ready to spread the love at his launch this week. He’s got right in the swing of it too, and is putting the night on with no pennies having to leave your pocket - apart from for a pint of Rough Trade craft beer. Support for the night includes The Afterdark Movement - of course - and Raphael Blake. I think you’re in for a treat, folks.
Wednesday 24 June, 7pm, free, Rough Trade

Ballet Black: Triple Bill
We love seeing sommat different. Whether it’s a brand spankin’ form of martial arts, or an edgy new theatre production, we’re all about the fresh entertainment. This week, we’ll be popping down to the Playhouse to check out Ballet Black’s triple decker ballet show. Cassa Pancho’s award winning company comprises entirely of black and Asian dancers, who will be performing dark interpretations of Grimm’s fairy tales as well as an interpretation of Yeats’ poem, Second Coming. That’s a proper interesting bill if ever we did hear one. If it’s nice weather, you could even head down early for a beverage or four in the Cast bar beer garden.
Friday 26 June, 8pm, £9/£17, Nottingham Playhouse

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Do your bit in the pit

Punk 4 the Homeless 
It is often in times of hardship that people become most generous. Do your bit this weekend and pop over to Forest Fields for a punk show with it’s heart in the right place. Bands such as Nuke On Route and Headjam will be playing the gig in support of street child charity, Casa Alianza. The UK registered charity aims to help and protect the street children of Latin America. It’s not right that a child should have to rummage through rubbish to find food, or enter into the sex industry to feed themselves. Some of them don’t even know their own name. Do what you can, and pop along to the gig. There’s even gonna be some proper vegan grub, courtesy of the People’s Kitchen. Giving never felt so good.
Saturday 27 June, 8pm, £3 suggested donation, The Summac Centre

Vocal Art & Censorship
As the writers of your favourite monthly rag, and not slimeball journos from national newspapers, we like to think we’ve got the balance between artist’s freedom and the responsibility not to offend down to a T. That’s not to say we haven’t made mistakes in the past, but it can be a tough line to keep to. We have to ask ourselves, though, who gets to decide what’s OK to chat about and what’s not? And is it right to censor artists at all, or does that wrap us all in a plastic bubble free of conflict or disagreement for the sake of not offending? Tough questions to answer, but the brain boxes over at NAE are gonna give it a good go. Manick Govinda is gonna chair the event, with current showcasing artist, Faiza Butt present as well. It’s a free event, so open yer noggins and go have a think about sommat.
Saturday 27 June, 2pm, free, New Art Exchange

Remarkable Recycling Gala
Sherwood Art Week is like a snowball. Not that it passes through Sherwood leaving cold powder behind it, but in that it seems to gather up more and more artiness with every year it rolls through. Just one part of it - back for its second year - is the Remarkable Recycling Gala on the final Sunday. And it’s all about getting arty in an earth conscious way. There will be a good number of craft stalls, workshops to inspire you and show you how to make your own bits and pieces. And, not only that, there’ll be performances throughout the day from a host of spoken word artists, displays and, of course, food and drink. Pop by or make a day of it, there’s plenty going off.
Sunday 28 June, 11am – 4pm, Sherwood Community Centre

Short Stack 3
This short film screening at Rough Trade is now back for it's third event. Having only started back in January, Notts filmmaker David Lilley has created an excellent evening of local entertainment and networking. The previous two Short Stack's have crammed in loads of shorts (16 at the last one), all of high quality. The event is certainly a must for filmmakers, as there is ample time before, after, and in a half time break to smooze with the makers of the screened films. However, if you're just a film fan, don't be shy - there's plenty of fun to be had as an audience member. And all for free!
Sunday 28 June, 7pm-11pm (films start 7:30pm), free, Rough Trade

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