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Art Works: Elliott Caine

14 May 15 words: Art Works
Local designer, printer and graffiti artist Elliott Caine of lets us in on his artistic process
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As a designer and printer, my work is a blend of illustration and typography. I use a broad mixture of mediums to create my artwork, giving me the freedom to apply my ideas to any given surface. I’ve been writing graffiti for almost a decade and always look for diverse ways to apply myself creatively.

I’ve considered myself an artist from a young age. My work has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years as I've been torn between a scatter of different styles and approaches to applying myself. I’ve been massively influenced by the people I’m surrounded by, and credit is due to them for influencing the route I’ve taken with my practice.

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My featured piece was created with spray paint on boards that we attached together to create a large, wall-like surface. It was created for the launch event of the new Nottingham rap battle league, Clash Money. I took part in a graffiti clash against local graffiti artist, Ahoy, where we competed to see who has the freshest style. The piece was experimental, as I’ve been trying to fuse graffiti with my typography influences. A piece can take anything from half an hour to a few hours, even days depending on how precious I’m feeling and how generous the location is.

My work is usually created in the comfort of my home studio, where I can play my favourite beats and practise being a recluse. I’m lucky enough to be able to exhibit my work at music events where I also get to produce live pieces – it’s always fun because I get to meet a lot of people. Reactions always give me a huge sense of contentment and are massively rewarding, it makes me appreciate my nifty left hand.

Last year, I graduated with a Graphic Art and Design degree, and I’ve been freelancing ever since. My day can consist of anything from being sat at my desk producing intricate digital graphics, to throwing up paint, decorating kids bedrooms or gyms. I treat my artwork as a job, but it never feels like work.

I also run an independent streetwear brand, The, where I design and print all garments in-house. I’m currently bringing together designs of my favorite UK artists to release on a new line. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else, and I’m excited to see what projects I’m approached with in the future. website

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