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Football Rocks

10 May 15 words: Sam Nahirny
Next week you'll find the likes of Jake Bugg and Saint Raymond at Meadow Lane, but they ain't singing
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How did the initial idea for Football Rocks come about?
We (The Swiines) were on tour with Jake Bugg in Scotland playing football in-between gigs (The Swiines won 6-3 by the way!) and we thought that we should organise a tournament between bands.

Sum up the day in three words.
Football Rocks charity.

How did you choose the teams for the game?
It's mainly from people we've met along the way gigging or going to gigs. Everyone involved has got stuck in and they have all been really helpful, so thank you to all involved.

Who do you reckon is gonna be most competitive on the day?
Jake is in it to win it. He gets very serious about football and it's being held at his team's ground so he's going all out. I know that Reverend and the Makers are keen football players, so are The Enemy.

How were the charities chosen?
My aunt (Lisa Alsop) sadly passed away from an unknown heart condition at just forty years old, so we said we would do it for the British Heart Foundation. We also decided to split the money raised with Jake Bugg's charity, the Robin Hoodie Foundation, who provide musical instruments to schools and projects around Nottingham.

Can we expect any live entertainment on the day?
There are a few after parties happening, which some of the teams will be involved in. More info here.

What's the response been like so far?
It's been amazing. Nottingham is known for its music and football, so bringing them together just makes sense to me. Everybody has really got behind the idea.

Now that Nottingham is the first City of Football, can you see more people being interested and getting involved with these kind of events?
I think so, yes. We're happy to help out in any way too, so if you're thinking of doing something, give us a shout. The City of Football have really got behind us too. We hope they're going to bring down their giant human football table and sumo football suits as a bit of entertainment in-between games.

Football Rocks takes place at Meadow Lane on Saturday 16 May. Tickets cost £10. 

Football Rocks tickets

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