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Pick of the Week: 1 - 7 June

31 May 15 words: POTW
There's no rest for the wicked this week, so hop off the sofa and get a move on
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Dying art form, no it ain't

Scarlett Ribbon Burlesque Classes
‘Bumpus et Grindus’ is the school motto, and headmistress, Ms Darling, is quoted to have said “A girl who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”. The ‘little darlings’ at the Scarlett Ribbon Burlesque Dance school are always on the lookout for new members, so ladies, get your best feather boa out and pop on down. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are invited to try their hand at the twenties dance style, and embrace their bodies in a friendly, safe environment. Expect a hell of a lot of glitter and some gorgeous vintage underwear, and prepare to transform into your sexy alter-ego every Monday evening from this week forward. Check out their website for more information.
Monday evenings, 8pm, £5, The Lacehouse

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1970s Hollywood never looked so good

1970s Hollywood & The New Wave
Film buffs, listen up, cos this one’s especially for you. Trusty old Broadway are taking you back in time to the late sixties, to explore the crumbling Hollywood studio system and the ‘new wave’ directors and films of the seventies. Expect to see a hell of a lot of flares and some particularly questionable hair styles, as you take a closer look at the hippie road movies and political thrillers of the time, from directors including Scorsese, Coppola and Altman. The six week course starts this week, and at around £40 for the course, it’s not really for the flakier film fans among you. If you feel like you can commit, then you’d be blinkin’ daft to miss out. What else you gonna do with your Mondays, eh?
Monday 1 June, 7pm, £30/£40, Broadway

Faiza Butt: Paracosm 
New Art Exchange are hosting the first major survey of Faiza Butt’s work in a British gallery. Bossing it. The Pakistani artist collects images that she sources from advertising and various other media sources, and often uses bright, sweetie-style colours to both connect with the audience and as a response to ‘the snobbery towards beauty in contemporary art’. Growing up in 1980s Pakistan has influenced her work majorly, along with the impact of 9/11 on the young British-Pakistani community. Using her bright colours and large images, her intention is to draw audiences in before smacking ‘em in the face with a pointed political, social or economic comment. The exhibition is running all month, so you’re in no rush to go see it, but hey, there’s no time like the present, right?
Runs until Sunday 28 June , various times, free, New Art Exchange

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Go absolutely ape s**t

Sugar Ape 
If you can’t get to a beach this summer, fear not, cos the beach is comin’ to you, courtesy of Sugar Ape at the Bodega. Specialising in all things rock ‘n’ roll, the best tunes on planet rock are coming at you with full force, as well as a whole host of drinks offers. The event page suggests it’ll make you feel like you’re in Magaluf - something we’re not sure we’re too keen on - but they brought it back with the mentioning of a BBQ. Cheap drinks, pop punk and a chargrilled sausage?! Now that’s right up our alley. If you pop down before half eleven, you’ll bag yersens cheap entry, and they’ve promised to pour shots down yer neck. We’re sold. Let’s get wavey.
Wednesday 3 June, 11pm, £2 entry before 11.30pm, Bodega

Madame Butterfly 
We do like a little bit of culture now and again. In amongst all the club nights and sweaty gigs, on the odd occassion, us Hood Towners are partial to popping on a shirt, washing behind our ears and heading down to catch a spot of opera, no less. This week, it’s time for that monthly bath, cos Madame Butterfly is coming to town. The famous opera by Giacomo Puccini tells the tragic tale of Cio-Cio San, the Japanese girl who falls in love with American Naval Officer, Lieutenant Pinkerton. When he leaves for home, he promises to return, but when he does, it is not the romantic reunion Cio-Cio had hoped for. It’s probably gonna be an emotional one, so pack the tissues.
Wednesday 3 June, 7.30pm, £17/£19, Nottingham Arts Theatre

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Play by Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

Kings: Rehearsed Reading 
Understanding those from different walks of life can be one of life’s biggest challenges. Particularly those right on the fringes of society. Homelessness is a major issue in our small city, and is something we could all do with being a bit more clued up on. What better way to do so than to go see a play. Kings is a play based on the lives of several men in a Nottingham hostel - chaotic and unsure - written by actor turned writer and St Ann’s lad, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill. It’s a rehearsed reading, so dont expect to see a load of action, but you’ll get the unique opportunity to see an incredibly socially important play in its early stages brought to life.
Thursday 4 June, 7pm, £3, Neville Studio, Nottingham Playhouse

The Gate to Southwell Folk Festival 
It’s been billed as the biggest small festival in the UK - a brilliant oxymoron if we ever did see one. The likes of Clannad and Billy Bragg will be descending on Southwell this weekend for a proper folk knees up. The family friendly festival is marking its return with an almighty bang, and has brought with it some wicked events for you welly-wearing party lovers to crack on with. The sculpture trail runs through the nearby woods, and includes stop off points at the children’s activity tent so you can keep the little ones happy in between the headline acts. There’s also gonna be a lorra proper grub about from Pan De Mania, the best pizza joint in town, and Pie Eyed, specialising in the tastiest pastry treats you could possibly imagine. All this, just a stone's throw from your front door.
Thursday 4 - Sunday 7 June, £105 weekend ticket, Southwell

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"Oi, Tyrone, get daan 'ere naah"

Call Tyrone 
There’s an event kicking off for the first time this month that’s gonna put old school r’n’b back on the map. If you’re partial to a bitta Ashanti, or if Brandy’s Baby is the tune to get you pumped, then you best dig out yer dancing shoes and head over to Bar Eleven on the first Friday of the month. There’s a pretty sweet way to get yourself on the guestlist too. Two days before the event, Tyrone’s number will be released on the event’s facebook page. You are instructed to call him and leave a message with your name to bag yersen a nice bit of free entry. That’s not all they’re giving away. If you arrive before 12am, you’ll get in for £2 cheaper, and get given a lovely sparkly tooth gem to glam your outfit right up. Winner winner chicken dinner.
Friday 5 June, 11pm, £3/£5, Bar Eleven

Lady Bay Vintage Fair
We know, we know, the word vintage is bandied around a lot these days, but not everyone is just marking up the price of something they got from a high street retailer ten years back. The people who used to run the Luna in town - you know, near Sneinton Market. The one with all the super desireable home accessries and furniture that would have made your house look like you were living in a set from Mad Men - they've set up a regular-ish market that's brimming with things to make your pad that little bit more unique and cool. Not just furniture, fabrics, glass and ceramics, they've branched out in to vintage guitars and record players, for those whose home is where the music is. Plus, because no shopping trip is complete without a bit of snap, they've got a pop-up cafe with a bunch of treats, including the rather tempting sounding curry box... Get stuck in. 
Saturday 6 June, 11am - 4pm, £1, All Hallows Church, Lady Bay

No Tomorrow Festival 
It is official. We’ve kicked off festival season with an almighty bang, and No Tomorrow is ready and waiting to knock yer wellies right into next week. They’ve got the most buttery of disc jockeys to induce shuffles with the freshest of beats. DJ EZ, Hannah Wants and Eton Messy are some of the biggest names in the dance world right now, and they’re descending on Batman’s gaff to show you a right good time. Line-up aside, they’re putting on a load of, shall we say, extra-curricular activities for you to fill the gaps between your favourite artists. The Bearded Kitten Games arena is making a comeback this year, with blindfold boxing and jelly wrestling - yep, that’s right, jelly - so you can take a swing at yer mates, all in good festival jest. There’s gonna be carboot disco bingo an’ all - it’s an extravagant game of bingo that includes a hell of a lot of smooth disco moves. After all this, you’re bound to be feeling a tad peckish, and No Tomorrow have got that covered too, with food from all around the world, including Caribbean, Greek and some sweet arse churros. All this in your back garden. What more could you want?
Saturday 6 - Sunday 7 June, £65 - £125, Wollaton Park

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We're sure it'll look nothing like this...

Mind, Body, Spirit and Psychic Fair 
Ooh we’ve gone all spiritual on you. Soothe your Chakra and cleanse your mind this week over in Long Eaton - who’d have thought it. The Mind, Body, Spirit and Psychic Fair has descended, and are preparing an entire day of spiritually enriching talks, including ‘Turn Your Frown Upside Down’ with Karen Roberts, and ‘Shamanic Healing’ with Robert Hawk. If you know what Shamanic healing is, then good on you, but if to you, like us, it sounds more like a cheesy r ‘n’ b tune than a psychic experience, then you should pop down for the day and enlighten your mind. You can even learn a little bit about the afterlife, if that’s what tickles your fancy. Variety is the spice of life, they say, so embrace what you don’t know and do sommat a little bit different with your Sunday.
Sunday 7 June, 11am, £2.50/£3, Novatel Hotel, Long Eaton

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