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Promoter Focus: Phlexx

12 May 15 words: Promoter Focus

After whacking on artists from near and far, we asked Bru-C a few questions about his and Trekkah's eclectic evenings that have been known to get a bit messy

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Hip hop, reggae, garage and everything in between.

Mainly The Maze, but also Stealth, Rescue Rooms and Nirvana.

Who else helps you run the nights?
Trekkah and I run events with help from JungleWire, DJ Curtz, TC Photographic, family and friends.

Ten words that sum up the events you put on:
An independent music networking space for locals and students alike.

Describe the average punter at your nights:
Well-spirited vibers.

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Which local act has gone down best with your crowd and why?
Origin One. It’s a shameless self plug, but the album launch was by far the biggest crowd we've ever had. Wall-to-wall madness and K.O.G controlled the vibe of the room. Epic.

Which non-local act would you bring back again?
Granville Sessions. They’re a live hip hop band hailing from London who came to The Maze and shut the place down. We're booking them again.

If you could get a celebrity compere who would you choose and why?
I'd get David Attenborough to film and narrate acts as if they were wildlife. Imagine!

Which booze sells best at your events?
Red Stripe. Guinness and black when me and Trekkah hit the bar.

Tell us a crazy story that has happened at your events…
We were doing student nights every Thursday at Nirvana, and Carl Froch rocked up and was skankin' to bassline with a mob of students. Phlexxin'.

If you weren’t a promoter what would you have ended up doing?
Be in a couple of bands. Oh wait...

What other events in Nottingham do you love?
Sounddhism, Tumble Audio, Rubberdub, Can't Stop Won't Stop, Under The Tree

What have you got coming up?
We've got The Afterdark Movement  Get Rude single launch at The Maze on Saturday 16 May with loads of local acts as well as live art and stalls.

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