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The Comedy of Errors

Pick of the Week: 23 - 29 November

22 November 15 words: POTW
Bleddy hell, the diary's right packed this week
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Boat to Row are rowing them boats to Bodega...

The dark nights are creeping over the edges of 4pm and that’s a bit bob, but there’s still loads of stuff to be cracking on with of a weeknight. Get yersen up Mansfield Road for a night of hip hop and soul from your favourite local artists in Acoustickle’s return for a one-off spesh. It’s positive vibes all round from emcee Bru C, singer-songwriter Ella Knight, J Littles, the wonderful Yazmin Lacey, Parisa East, Natti Rudyj, Ke Da Rookee, rapper Garton, Jahrel and Criminal Diplomacy. Nowt wrong with a bit of mid-week madness, especially when it’s part of The Maze’s ten-year birthday celebration. Goo and raise yer glass to a great independent local music venue.
Tuesday 24 November, 7pm, £3, The Maze

Boat To Row 
The folk down at The Bodega are constantly lining up fresh and interesting acts for us to gorge our ears and eyes on, and this week they’ve invited Boat To Row. The band were born just down the road in Brummy, and are playing for us to promote the release of their debut album I Found You Here, released on Nocturne Records. Expect skillfully crafted, emotionally charged, dark indie folk songs woven together by an array of instruments and vocal harmonies. Supporting them will be Fred Light and Anwyn Williams. Worra treat for a cold November week.
Wednesday 25 November, 7pm, £4, The Bodega

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Goo and have a listen...

Courtney Pine and Zoe Rahman
Two of the biggest names in contemporary Jazz combine forces for an unmissable show at the Nottingham Arts Theatre. Courtney Pine has been making waves in the scene since the eighties as one of the first black British jazz artists to achieve commercial success. He’ll be playing the bass clarinet alongside Zoe Rahman, a highly acclaimed Jazz pianist, in a stripped back but breathtaking performance. The duo have been rated five stars from top critics and described as a ‘match made in heaven’. One to watch for the music enthusiasts of Nottingham, or anyone looking to do sommat a bit different with their Thursday night.
Thursday 26 November, 7pm, £15, Nottingham Arts Theatre

Kino Klubb 4th Birthday Party - The Fog
We’ve all been crippled with jealousy when watching a proper old school classic that we were never able to absorb the film’s magic in full, cinema screen glory. Well, good owd Kino Club have got that covered. Screening cult films at Broadway cinema for the past four years, they return this Friday to celebrate their blowing out four candles on their cake, with a screening of the ghostly 80’s classic, John Carpenter's The Fog. Lock your doors. Bolt your windows – it’s gonna be a creepy one. The event is free for all, so why not grab a large glass of vino from the bar and boogie to some tunes courtesy of the guest DJ’s before you get your spook on? It’s what Fridays are for.
Friday 27 November, 9pm, free, Broadway

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Not a poem...

Poetry Festival 
The Nottingham Arts Theatre has had a right kick up the bum of late. This month, we’ve gorranother festival coming our way, with poetry being the aim of the game. The three-day word bender at the end of the month will see the mammoth Mouthy Poets performing, as well as Brian Patten, Atilla the Stockbroker and Lemn Sissay MBE. Oo-er. Hosting the event is none other than Notts lad Henry Normal, a writer and TV producer who can put his name to television hits including The Royle Family and The Mrs Merton Show. Grab a full weekend ticket sharpish, or spend your weekend wallowing alone.
Friday 27 - Sunday 29 November, various times, £30, Nottingham Arts Theatre

Practical Lovers Album Launch 
Described as ‘the soundtrack for pulling oneself up by the britches, wiping away the dust and marching right back into that party where the One Who Got Away seems to be doing quite alright for herself’, Practical Lovers’ debut album Agony juxtaposes warm, vintage synths and analogue drum machines with fuzz drenched bass guitar. The synth-pop duo will be debuting their album at Spanky Van Dykes for you lovely lot to enjoy – you’ll even get a limited edition cassette tape at the gig, just for showin yer face. Whizzer.
Friday 27th November, 10:30pm, free, Spanky Van Dykes

One Off Art Sale
Moving into your new gaff can be a bit of a nightmare. No matter how many scented candles you buy, it just don’t seem like home until you get some proper gear up on the walls. This week, the lovelies in charge of Thirtyfive Gambe are showcasing work from local artists and independent businesses for a one off art sale. Support local, and bag yourself a bunch of quality, affordable artworks that will be exhibited for you to either gaze longingly over or take home and call your own. The tone for the evening will be set by live music, DJ sets and drinks, so even if you don’t end up buying ote, it won’t be a wasted trip.
Saturday 28 November, free, Thirtyfive Gamble

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Clash Money presents...

Local rapper Youthoracle has pulled out the big guns with this one. Clash Money Battles are banging on Bodega’s door with a gang of grime and hip hop heavyweights, all foaming at the mouth ready to verbally batter the shit out of each other. For want of a better turn of phrase. With the headline battle between Wariko and Dialect set to rip the rap battle world to shreds, other confirmed acts on the line up include Rude Kid, Mez and Congi. If watching fully grown men get all up in each other’s grills, spraying bars and internal rhymes down a mic is your thing, then Bob must be your uncle and Fanny's got to be your aunt, cos this is right up your alley.
Saturday 28 November, 6pm, £8, The Bodega

Music for Peace 
The human race seems to have gone bat shit crazy over the last few weeks. For some reason, we seem hell bent on destroying each other, and our media (not us, of course) use every chance they get to incite hatred into our hearts. If you’ve had yer bleddy fill of all that bollocks, then get yourselves over to The Albert Hall this weekend, and have the message of peace injected into your veins by the University of Nottingham Choir and Philharmonia. They’ll be serenading you with Michael Tippett’s secular oratorio, A Child of Our Time. The piece was inspired by the assassination of a German Diplomat by a Jewish refugee, and the response of the Nazi government back in 1938.
Saturday 28 November, 7.30pm, £13, The Albert Hall

alt text

Teen Mayhem
For any teeny-boppers that were too young to attend the annual Mayhem horror film festival, Broadway present to you, dun dun dunnn, Teen Mayhem! A weekend of film screenings and events for the younger sci-fi and horror film enthusiasts. Movies such as Coraline, The Maze Runner and Guardians of the Galaxy will be shown, alongside panel discussions and workshops. You can choose between buying a whole day pass or just paying for individual screenings, so grab a ticket quick, and hop right on the Mayhem train. It’ll take you round about, upside down, in and out of the world of teen horror. And we bet you’ll bleedin’ well love it.
Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 November, £3.60/£5/£10, Broadway

Talk: Women in Music 
If you identify as a member of the female sex, and are partial to listening to a few tunes as you journey to work on the bus, then we might have found just the right event to tickle your pickle. Join professionals as they discuss women in the music industry, both in front of and behind the mic, and the ongoing challenges that they experience during their careers. Panellists including Lady V from V Rocket and Chair Jackie P from Kemet FM will share their stories, tackling important questions like ‘Why is female still a music award category?’ and ‘Why are only five per cent of producers industry-wide female?’ If you have a music related experience to share, now is your chance.
Saturday 28th Nov, free, New Art Exchange 

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Get kitted out like this fancy lady...

Lady Bay Vintage Market
Get yourself kitted out in the latest second hand garmz this week, and show off your almost brand spankin’ felt beret down the pub. If you love a good vintage buy, All Hallows Church is literally the mecca for all previously owned attire, with the Lady Bay Vintage Market taking over once again. From mid-century ceramics, furniture and glass to jewellery and vintage garms, you might even find a proper unique Crimbo gift for your office secret santa. You’ll find hand-picked vendors selling an eclectic mix of vintage goods and design classics with new stallholders every time.
Saturday 28th November, 11am, £1, All Hallows Church Hall

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