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Crying Wolf

3 October 15 words: Ashley Carter
We take a look at this local short film, shot in and around Notts and Derby
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Crying Wolf is a locally made short film from director Jason Rivers. The psychological thriller follows Alex, an 18-year old girl, on a quest to find her missing friend. Refusing the help of those around her, whom she initially feels she can’t trust, she risks her own wellbeing in the search.

Rivers, whose neo-noir micro film Authentic received the Bronze Award in Derby’s 24-Hour Film Competition, wrote and directed the film in order to explore the social masks people wear at different stages of their life. He said; “Everyone seems to wear these different masks in their lives, hiding who or what they truly are depending on situation or circumstance. This key theme runs throughout Crying Wolf with the majority of the key cast hiding behind a mask; who they are and what they know.”

The film stars Eleanor Kingsley, Richard Buck, Mark Jarvis and Jenn Day, with Rivers and DOP Will Price citing the work of directors Wai-Keung Lau and Jee-woon Kim as stylistic influences. “The style in both story and filmmaking is heavily influenced by my love for Asian cinema, specifically films like Infernal Affairs and A Bittersweet Life,” said Rivers. “The settings and direction are natural within the constructs of a film narrative but I knew that so much of this story’s impact would be hinged on the sound design; building tension at key points and laying essential clues needed to move forward the plot all within the restrictions of a short film.”

Crying Wolf  premiered at The Derby QUAD on Thursday 10 September 2015 and will now be entered into the short film festival circuit.

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