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The Comedy of Errors

Hockley Named Top UK High Street

3 October 15 words: Lucy Manning
Yep, you heard us right. According to the annual Great British High Street competition, we're owning things in Nottingham city
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photo: Julian Hughes

The cobbles of Hockley have been graced with the footfall of thousands.

They have taken the strain of many a musician, filmmaker and actor making their way to coffee shops to prop flashy Mac Books up in corners, and blog about the woes of a working-class creative.

Freshers deface their surface with cheesy chips and garlic mayo as BaaBaar turf them out in all their UV glory. Skater kids olly and kick-flip their way to Sneinton market, scuffing and scraping as they go.

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image: Julian Hughes

Little praise has been given to these chunks of old stone that provide the foundations for ordinary people with big business dreams – the bedrock of Flavours, Broadway Cinema and Ice Nine – until now.

Our beloved Hockley has been crowned one of Britain’s best high streets, sharing the honour with Mill Road in Cambridge, Bradford and Norwich and St Giles Street in Northampton.

The Great British High Street Competition, run by the Department for Communities and Local Government, and sponsored by the likes of Boots, Costa and the Post Office, seeks to champion high streets as the cornerstones of our community. Well, it's about time that our Hockley was picked up and paraded about like the champion that it is – metaphorically speaking, of course.

Our Kathy McArdle, CEO of The Creative Quarter, was mighty chuffed an’ all, saying, “It’s great to see that Hockley’s local and independent businesses have received national recognition for all the hard work that goes into their businesses all year round. We’re really pleased and would like to congratulate those who have contributed to making Hockley such a great place to visit.”

Big up, Hockers. Yer’ve done us proud.


Hockley Hustle takes place on Sunday 11 October in various venues all over Hockley.

Hockley Hustle website
Great British High Street website

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