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The Comedy of Errors

Pick of the Week: 26 - 1 November

25 October 15 words: POTW
Scare your own socks off with the best Halloween partys in Notts, and write and star in your very own musical this week
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Spooky stuff a gwarn...

Black Lead & Bleaching 
Once again, The Lofthouse is playing home to a half-term course for Nottingham youts. This week, their lace project continues, and they’re asking for 14-24 year olds to do sommat productive with their time this week, and help to write, choreograph and eventually perform in a musical based on Nottingham’s lace history. With West End trained dancer, Molly-May Gardiner, Television Workshop graduate and part-time granny, Ben Welch, taking the reins, you’re in safe hands. There’s even gonna be help along the way from Scorzayzee, Rob Green and comedy writer Esther Coles. It’ll be well worth gettin’ out of bed for.
Monday 26 October, 10am, free, The Lofthouse

Asian Dub Foundation 
If you’re feelin’ a little sci-fi, are a huge fan of Star Wars director George Lucas or maybe you just wanna discover the electronic music scene; then you should be attending this new born masterpiece of THX 1138 - a movie concerning an authoritarian world, colliding with Asian Dub Foundation’s complimentary electronic sound track. Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence are the stars in George Lucas’s 1971 unbalanced future society inspired film. Nonetheless, that’s not the only treat you are in for. Asian Dub Foundation are providing a soundtrack like no other. Based on electronic artists like Nine Inch Nails, Orbital and Meat Beat Manifesto, Asian Dub Foundation showcase an exhilarating, fast moving live score. 
Monday 26 October, Royal Concert Hall 

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Power to the women...

Reel Equality: Made in Dagenham 
The woman-empowering film club recently won the prize for Best New Film Society at the Cinema For All (British Federation of Film Societies) awards, and are back in our city this week with an absolute champion of a film. Set in the Dagenham Ford factory, the film depicts the chuffin inspirational story of the 850 women car workers who went on strike in 1968 against unequal pay - and bleddy won. There’s also gonna be a talk from working-class activist and academic, Dr Lisa McKenzie, about her battle against inequality, and letting you in on what she thinks it means to stand up for what and who you believe in. If this don’t inspire you, we don’t know what will.
Tuesday 27 October, pay what you can, 6pm, Chase Community Centre  

Nottingham Oktoberfest
You knew you’d make use of those Lederhosen one day, and this is your perfect opportunity. Forest Rec hasn’t had the chance to chill since Goosey arrived, and it’s giving us its all once again by playing host to Oktoberfest. In a celebration of all things German, grab yourself a Shnitzel and a German Shlager and bed in for the day. If you haven’t got a traditional German get up in your wardrobe, don’t panic buy, cos you can rent an outfit on the day. They’re running a couple of sweet deals: for £26-£39 per person, you can bag yourself entrance, seat reservation, snacks, two 1.5 pints of beer, and a German Schnitzel with Bavarian fries and a surprise pud. Sounds alright to us.
Wednesday 28 October - Sunday 1 November, free (Saturday £5 entry), Forest Rec

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Don't be scared to lob a pint at 'em...

Kunt & The Gang
They’ve got away with the name, thanks to a clever phonetic spelling job and their tongue firmly in their cheek. Will they get away with their Friday night set? That’s yet to be seen. The comedy band are all kinds of wrong, with the most wince-inducing sets you could possibly imagine. They’ve been described by Charlie Brooker as “Life-affirmingly puerile”, which pretty much says it all, really. If you reckon you’ve got a thick skin, and aren’t easily offended, then get yersen down to Rock City, and get bladdered with the bad-mouthed band.
Friday 30 October, 6.30pm, £8, Rock City

Channel One and Mad Professor
There’s nothing quite like standing in front of custom-built sound system stacks and getting blasted by dubplate bass. This year marks sixty whole years since Duke Vin brought the very first sound system to the UK in 1955 – arriving in London from Kingston in 1954, he bought himsen a £15 speaker, £4 amplifier, second-hand turntable, and the rest is history. Channel One and Mad Professor are hooking up to create a UK tour in celebration of the huge movement that has spanned over sixty years to bring us to the present day, where we have it out in a mark of respect for a culture that has birthed genre after genre in bass music. There’ll be Caribbean food and merch stalls as well as the legendary Channel One Sound System, Mad Professor and Kindread Sound System. Get your tickets quick youth, and prepare for some window-rattling badness!
Friday 30 October, 10pm, £5/£7.50/£10, Spanky Van Dykes

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Come outta your shell with our Gill...

Shy Convention 
Wanna showcase some of your writing skills? Well the Shy Convention is where public performances are at. Turner prize winner Gillian Wearing will be attending, so grab some of your mates and head down to the artistic led venue of Backlit; either to tune into others ‘personal karaoke’ or have a go yourself and present your own piece of writing. Food and drinks are included in the inspiring evening, and don’t forget this is all to commemorate the end of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015 exhibition. A definitely unmissable evening. Grab your chance to express those hidden emotions and those burning ideas locked inside; all for one night only. 
Saturday 31 October, 6.30pm, £5, Backlit

NG83: When We Were B-Boys 
It’s been an age in the making, but the time has finally come for the documentary about Nottingham’s B-boys to be released into the loving arms of hip hop heads. Back in the day, our city was a driving force in UK breaking, thanks to the NG83 crew’s Saturday afternoon jams down Rock City. With tons of unseen footage from a legendary movement, it’s bound to be an eye-opening flick that’ll leave us either reeling in nostalgia or era-envy, depending on how many candles you had on your last birthday cake. But before the film’s premiere at Broadway Cinema on Sunday 1 November, there’s gonna be a reunion at Rock City to celebrate. Expect the likes of DJ Fever, DJ D2 and DJ Nasty Nice on the decks, while Docta D, Frisco Boogie and Mighty Mouth 2 rock the mics. Expect massive things.
Saturday 31 October, 12pm, £4/£6, Rock City

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It's time for some wicked women...

Fan Club Halloween Party
We used to get excited about Halloween for very different reasons than we do today. Sugar rushes and shitting up your little sister were plain awesome. But somewhere along the line, the childish antics got lost – maybe mam stuffing you in a bin bag and telling you you were a witch again tipped you over the edge. “No mum, I’m thirty now, this is the last time. God.” Any road, Fan Club are bridging the gap between your childhood Halloween antics and the need to drink and dance all night as a fully grown waster. The soundtrack for the night is fully female, kicking out some of the best tunes in a huge genre clash, and there’s gonna be spooky cocktails on offer behind the bar. But the blood-curdling joy doth not end there – goody bags, tricks and treats, and a fancy dress competition are present and correct. Wicked.
Saturday 31 October, 7pm, Free, Rough Trade

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