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Top 10 Places to Eat According to Nottingham Bucket List

20 October 15 words: Leigh Campbell
With everything from pizza, to tapas, to fish and chips, you're sure to find summat to tickle your pickle
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photo: Baresca

If you’re looking to try something new, but you don’t really know what to go for, then tapas is the perfect way to dine out. Baresca has quickly become one of our favourite restaurants thanks to its artfully disheveled interiors and fantastic value for money. Whether you’re visiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the menu is comprised of a selection that could keep the pickiest of eaters well fed. Not to mention that tapas was designed for sharing! If you literally cannot bring yourself to choose between the deliciousness on offer, no problem. Baresca has made picking and choosing the easiest thing in the world.

Tradition is tradition for a reason – because it’s damn good. When it comes to the classics, everything must be perfect, and this rule stands firm when it comes to a good old British chippy tea. Okay, so maybe George’s Fish and Chip Kitchen have classed it up a bit, what with that giant chandelier, but the point still stands. If you want a sublime fish and chips, George’s is the plaice to get it. And they don’t even stop there – George’s is also an amazing spot for burgers, cocktails, and dessert. Hooray!

Oscar & Rosie's 
If you know anything about us over at The Nottingham Bucket List at all, you’ll know that pizza is king. We’re not picky about size or crust, we don’t care whether it’s been stone-baked or wood-fired, we just love pizza. Luckily, we have Oscar & Rosie’s pizza. These 14” circles of splendour aren’t famous throughout Nottingham for nothing, you know! You couldn’t get further away from a bog-standard slice – the variety of toppings at O&R ensure that you’re getting a first class experience. And if 14” just isn’t enough to satisfy you, you can just go ahead and get a full metre of cheesy goodness.

Homemade Cafe
Sometimes, it’s all about the pudding. For the times when all you need is something sweet, Homemade is always the first port of call. While their menu does include savoury sandwiches, burgers, and lunches, it’s their display of cakes in the front of the shop that draws us in every time. From classic Victoria sponges to gorgeously chocolatey brownies, Homemade always know how to put a smile on your face. They also have a pavilion store on the Forest Recreation Ground with a hankering for brunch and goodies!

Pitcher & Piano
It’s always nice to feel sophisticated, and what could be more sophisticated than going for a few cocktails in a huge, converted church? That’s right: nothing. Not only is Pitcher & Piano an amazing cocktail spot (thanks for their fabulously stocked central bar), it’s also a damn fine eatery. Whether you’re dipping in for lunch or reserving a table for a family meal, their menu caters to you wonderfully. From 10oz steaks to salmon salads, Pitcher & Piano have dining down to a T. We’re particularly fond of their outdoor seating area, which is perfect for sun-basking in the summer months.

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photo: OAKS

Relatively new to the Nottingham scene, but it’s definitely made an impression on us. From our first visit, we were being gently persuaded to try specific things from the menu on the recommendation of the waiters. As a result, we’ve discovered a new-found love for beef quail scotch eggs and smoked almonds, not to mention meat combinations that we would never dare to dream. OAKS are quickly becoming known for their range of wood-fired meats, including pork, boar, chicken, beef, and lamb. We also have to mention their selection of ice cream – could you ever refuse a carrot cake or Bakewell tart-flavoured ice cream? Nope.

Spanky van Dyke’s
As soon as we saw them advertising 241 burgers, we were enamored. What we discovered inside was a mix between a bar and a club, but the main feature was the food. While there is the option each Sunday for a traditional Sunday roast, we just couldn’t say no to the burgers. At Spanky’s, your bun is served up with delectably crispy chips and a huge array of condiments. And when you’re done, you don’t even need to walk to a bar because you’re already there – how perfect!

Rub Smokehouse
Whatever you like, whether it’s meaty dinners, ramped-up salads, crazy cocktails, smashing breakfasts, scrumptious desserts, or cheesy pop-rock music, Rub Smokehouse literally has it all. There is no possible way to look at the menu and think to yourself “Hmm, nothing strikes my fancy”, because they have everything you could possibly want. They also show absolutely no judgement when you walk in at 9pm and ask for nothing but dessert, and that’s the kind of restaurant we can get behind. We have to give a shout-out as well to the incredibly fun and friendly staff, who always make our visits so much more lively!

For brunch with a twist, Junkyard is the place to visit. If you can manage to find it, what with it being tucked away up the back stairs of Bridlesmith Gate, you’ll be treated to one of the loveliest brunches of your life. Alongside your incredibly fluffy pancakes and perfectly poached eggs, you can enjoy one of their custom cocktails or any one of their specialist beers, of which there are far too many for us to count. They also serve bar snacks, grazes, and plates of fantastic food throughout the day, if brunch just ain’t your thing.

The Orange Tree
For the longest time, we weren’t even aware that The Orange Tree served food, and we have never been more happy to make the discovery. What makes the food here so special is their dedication to running seasonal menus, ensuring everything you put in your mouth is the freshest it can possibly be. When we visited back in April, we had a fish and chips that knocked our socks off. We’re big fans of the way everything there is filled with so much care and attention, giving it a truly home-cooked feel.

The Nottingham Bucket List duo are on a mission to hit as many eateries as possible in the city. Ladies, we salute you.

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