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TRCH David Suchet

BoHunkydory Exhibition Begins This Friday

4 April 16 words: Ophelia King

"Drawing, art installations, arts and crafts-based work, photography, print. We're making people aware of the studio activity that's been going on there for three years"

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So, what’s going on?
The exhibition is going to be a showcase of variety of different creatives with over twenty different artists. It’ll be a hybrid of drawing, art installations, arts and crafts-based work, photography, print and more, showcasing a variety of our work, trying to make people aware of the studio activity that has been going on there for three years. Bringing what has been going on upstairs, downstairs for everyone to see.

Is there any theme or narrative to BoHunkydory?
There is no distinct narrative, but it is going to be an alternative exhibition, a different angle on art from what you might see at Nottingham Trent or at the Contemporary. All of the artists come from different backgrounds and are at different points in their careers. There will be artists that are sixty years old, as well as artists that have just finished their degrees and are fresh into the real world.

It’s an interesting discourse. The whole process of hanging an exhibition is fluid and tangible, with the end result a work of art in itself. It’s all about how we work things out, how the art work is going to respond to each other and create dialogue, constantly thinking about how people are going to perceive this.

There are so many artists…
We are expecting obvious teething problems, but I hope that people will get a very broad perception of what art can be. People from a fine art background will see it as conceptual, people from a non-art framework should be able to appreciate it visually and technically.

How is this different to what you’ve curated before?
This will be the fifth exhibition that I’ve helped to create. Each exhibition is different, but usually un-conventional arts. This is the biggest collaboration yet – more artists than ever, with such a different range and background, unifying what we do.

BoHunkydory opening night Friday 8 April, 7pm
BoHunkdory Bohunk Institute, Friday 8 – Friday 15 April

BoHunkydory event on Facebook
Bohunk Institute website

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