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14 Places to Get an Awesome Burger in Nottingham

25 August 16 words: Bridie Squires

Here's our list of all the places you can wrap your chops around edible items within a cob. Don't sleep on it

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Annie’s Burger Shack

Probably the most obvious choice, but for good reason. You know the story – our local American Annie started out on her burger endeavor down The Old Angel, moved to The Nav, until finally setting up her own restaurant down Lace Market. She’s famous for knocking up the most weird and wonderful concoctions, inclusive of a peanut butter and jam-infused bit of kit. She does breakfasts now too. Whadddyaknow. And her parents live in a haunted house – what more could you want from a burger specialist?

Five Guys

Pricewise, the steepest fast food you can sink your teeth into round these parts. But worth it? Hell yes. Not only is the patty a proper sexy mother, but you can have as many toppings as you like, plus the Cajun fries are ridiculous. Even if you can taste them for the following week. Get stuck in to the crazy pop machine and treat yersen to a marvelous milkshake if you fancy throwing up all over the shop afterwards.

The Lion at Basford

Famous for its long-standing open mic night, but also their amazingly diverse offering of meat-filled cobs, all named after music-related stuffs, all with the most eclectic and interesting ingredients. You can grab yourself some food and then stick around to listen to some live music, hang around in the beer garden, or do the quiz. Sunday is jazz day. You’re welcome.

Handmade Burger Co

One to join the recent ranks of the Victoria Centre munch army, this chain is found in loads of different cities all over the UK, but for good reason. They make their burgers from scratch every day, and they’ve got the option of having your burger in a Yorkshire pudding. Need we say more?

Fat Cat Sherwood

Big, juicy, delicious. Not only do they perfect the standard, they’ve got ingredients like spicy pancetta to tickle that pickle of yours. Plus, the Chip Shop Burger is a force to be reckoned with. Beer battered fish in a bun? Yes please. Another one you can stick around at and listen to the tunes. Can’t complain.

alt text

The Angel Micro Brewery

Recently refurbished and killing it. Not only do they have all kinds of interesting beers to sink, there’s a brand new dining area that feels like your nan’s kitchen, all with locally sourced, organic ingredients. Sharing the same owner as Alley Café, the menu naturally caters to herbivores as well as it does carnivores, with a caramelized Irish field mushroom burger included. The drool game is strong.

alt text

Spanky Van Dykes

When you’ve finished ogling the walls for all their interesting bits, bobs and ambient glows, have yersen a peruse through the menu to find yourself summat special. These badboys book awesome gig after awesome gig, and their food selection doesn’t go amiss either. Tuck in to a snack or two, a stackin’ pud, or, of course, one of their burgers. SFC burger with katsu sauce? You mad?

Rescue Rooms

We all leaped ten foot in the air when we realized Rescue Rooms were going to launch their food menu once again. After they ripped the kitchen out all those years ago, gig-goers were left pizza-less and sad. But now, they’ve upped their game to the max. And they’re not just looking after the carnivores either. Our Hannah got down to sample the good stuff in all its veggie glory, and they’ve got a chorizo-infused beef burger for the carnivorous. Grab some snap before a gig, and make sure you order a side of mozzarella sticks coated in cheese puffs. Oo. Err. Indeed.

alt text

Real Burger Co

Off the beaten track for sure, but well worth sinking your teeth into. Tucked away in Hyson Green, this independent Nottingham business is ready and waiting to awe your tastebuds. Gourmet burgers to knock your socks off, and if you can’t be arsed to go all the way down there, fear not. they’re on Deliveroo.

alt text

Red’s True Barbecue

Meat, meat and more meat awaits. Plus, their cocktail menu is certainly one to be reckoned with. If you’re fed up with burgers by now, try their ox cheek bone luge for extreme weird/awesome-ness. But if you’re true to the burger game, listen up. That pit burger is the stuff dreams are made of. Juicy, meaty dreams, covered in pulled pork, brisket, bacon and… *dies*


Another one that’s proper tucked away, but not so much off the beaten track. High ceilings, a fresh feel, and some of the finest food and drink this side of the Mids. You might not have clocked it yet, but sitting on St. Peter’s Gate is the discerning Purecraft. If you ask behind the bar, the staff’ll be more than happy to pair up your food with the perfect beer. Get to know the wagyu burger. You can thank us later.

Bunker’s Hill

They’ve got loads of fun activities going off all the time, from live music, to salsa classes. But the most satisfying activity of them all is eating every morsel on the menu. One at a time, of course. It’s the same chaps that own The Lion at Basford, so you can expect a similar getup on the menu, but with its own special twists. Musical burgers galore, and watch out for the ‘hot hot hot’ fusion pulled porker. Yes.

alt text


There’s only one gaff in Notts that would dare to put a burger on top of a milkshake, and that’s Rub. Some of the tastiest morsels in the city lie behind these here doors, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they leave your belly about to bust. But go in no holds barred and you’ll have a great time, even if your waistline throws eggs at you for it later. Check out their social media pages for some #foodporn and you’ll see whattamean. Belgian waffle burger? Taco burger? It gets a bit ridiculous.

alt text


Locally sourced, classy as hell. And, burgers to one side for a hot sec, they’ve got the best damn Scotch eggs in the city. There, I said it. Any road, the meat concoctions here are so interesting and tasty, you’d be daft not to give it a try. The sausages are one thing, for sure – wild boar, purple broccoli, beef, lamb, aubergine and pancetta all included. Now, the burgers. They come thick, juicy, and there’s even the option of a softshell crab burger. Get them, eh?

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