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5 Awesome Nottingham Cocktail Bars

6 August 16 words: Leigh Campbell

So, where are the best places in Notts to pick up a Pina Colada, wolf down a Woo Woo, or sip on a Sex On The Beach? We'll tell you

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Rub Smokehouse

You might be sat there thinking that Rub are best known for serving you five burgers piled on top of each other, cleverly disguising themselves as one colossal burger, and that they have no place on a list of delicate cocktails. Well, correct, but they most certainly get a place on a list of cocktails that are quite frankly insane. Fireworks, penis straws, water guns, sinking ships, hunks of candyfloss and a barrel of actual fire are just some of the things that Rub’s cocktails are adorned with, and they taste cracking.

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The Orange Tree

I don’t want to get ahead of myself and exclaim that ‘SUMMER IS HERE!’ because, as we all know, it’s August, and that means summer is pretty much over and done with, but on the rare sunny day many of us love a little tipple of Pimm’s. It’s so quaint and light, the perfect summer drink to get you nicely tipsy but not too sloshed you forget your own name. The Orange Tree has turned that one on its head by knocking together a little something called Super Pimm’s – plenty of Pimm’s stirred up with plenty of vodka and plenty of gin. Go wild.

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The next time you need to feel a bit cool, ask yourself this: could anything be cooler than supping on a smooth cocktail while crammed into a tiny, dimly-lit jazz bar? The answer: no. Count yourself lucky if you manage to nab yourself a table and make sure you order the jam doughnut shooter.

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In the history of Nottingham has there ever been a ‘Best Cocktail Bars’ list that hasn’t included Boilermaker? Probably not, and for a damn good reason. These guys have taken ‘hidden bar’ to a whole new level and every trip is just as awe-inducing as the last. Take a pew and accept the fact that, even though you said you were only coming out for a couple, you’re going to be there for three hours at the least and you’ll be leaving about £70 lighter because every drink sounds so damn good. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

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Last Chance Saloon

Gone are the days of precocious pink drinks served with little umbrellas and weird sparkly paper on sticks. Last Chance Saloon. These guys focus on two things: bourbon and bacon, and their cocktails are quite something to behold. Strong? Yes. Tasty? Absolutely. Served encased in a giant spherical ice cube that you have to smash open with a hammer? You know it. 

Where's your favourite place to drink cocktails in Nottingham? Let us know in the comments below

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