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8 Places to Catch Pokemon in Nottingham

4 August 16 words: Bridie Squires

People of the city, get your balls at the ready. Right here, we've got a comprehensive guide to where all them Pokemons are lurking

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Nottingham City Centre

All kinds of Pokestops, everywhere. Plenty of mega Pokemon all over the place, and you’ll normally find a crew in the square to play with. Find water-based Pokemon by the canal down Waterfront, or you can get yersen down to Xylophone Man’s old spot and see what’s roaming around. Careful though, plenty of opportunity to bash into other players in this densely populated area. Come and check LeftLion offices down Hockley ways, we’ve got loads of stops outside our gaff and the lure game is strong.
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photo: Alan Murray-Rust

Woodthorpe Park

There’s a spot right in the middle of Woodthorpe Park, by the children’s playing fields, where you can spin four Pokestops at the same time, and two more are just a short walk away. Coordinates? 52.984749, -1.135967. You’re bleddy welcome ducky. So not only can you go have yersen a game of three-par golf, you can catch a couple of pocket boggers while you’re at it. Onix nest in this area. Oh yeah.

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photo: Peter Shone

Highfields Park

You can find regular meet-ups here. Although ‘meet-up’ may be a bit of a tame term for what actually ensues. Hundreds of people at 10pm on a weeknight, swarming around the digital-realm wildlife… it’s probably closer to a rally. Meowth nest in this area, near the bus stops – explains a lot. Also good for Psyducks.

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photo: Pictures of England

Titchfield Park

Alright, this one’s a little bit further afar, but worth getting down to as there’s a Magmar nest about. There’s also a skate park and a little stream, so you might be able to bag some water-based Pokemon and then take them for a ride on your deck. Plus, you get a day out in Hucknall and, really, what could be better than that?

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photo: Steve Bradwell

Forest Recreation Ground

Lots of grass to walk around on and chase those ‘rustling’ leaves of curiosity. You can always hit the park or have a game of cricket while you’re at it. There’s a Vulpix nest in this area, on the tramline side towards the statue at the top entrance near Sainsbo’s. Just be careful not to nab anyone’s dog by mistake. With great power comes great responsibility.

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photo: Alan Murray-Rust

Ramsdale Park Golf Centre

When you got your first choice of Pokemon, did you bag a Squirtle and feel instant regret? Or do you just fancy some bulb-based action? Fear not. There’s a Bulbasaur nest in this area, although you might have to blag that you’re playing a game of golf when actually you’re building a portfolio of creatures to be reckoned with. These golf ball dashers know nothing. Nothing.

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photo: Garth Newton

Bramcote Hills Park

Drop the kids off at the children’s play area, strap a Go Pro or a GPS tracker on them or summat so you know they’re alright, and then catch the shit out of ALL the Clefairies. There’ve also been Glooms spotted in this area. Same as Woodthorpe Park, there’s a cluster of three Pokestops in the middle with loads of people whacking the lures on constantly. There’s quite a few in the surrounding areas too, so go forth and top up your stash.

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photo: Bulwell Forest Golf Club

Bulwell Forest Golf Club

Not sure if Niantic have got it in for golfers, but the Pokemasters have been getting under their noses plenty recently. And at Bulwell Golf course, it’s not just that – there are loads of Drowzees sending them all to sleep on their clubs. Bogeys all round. Now, if you can’t seem to find owt, you can always have a session trying to hatch them 10k eggs of yours. Get a stomp on mucker, there’s work to be done.

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