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8 Things to Do In Nottingham This Week

7 August 16 words: POTW

We don't see nothin' wrong, with a little bump n' grind. Or a bit of making and doing, what you'll find loads of this week

Orienteering Challenge

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Be as adventurous as THIS guy

We all know how it is. The rigmarole of the nine to five that sucks all passion and energy from our lives. Grinding away until the bills are paid only to slump in front of the TV with a takeaway at the end of the week. Where’s your sense of adventure? Where’s that explorer's instinct you once had? Recapture it in Bulwell Hall Park with a spot of orienteering. See if you can navigate your way around the park using only a map and a compass. If that’s not daring enough to put the wind back in your sails then you’re far too hardcore for us and we’re not sure if we should still be hanging out with you...
Monday 8 August, 1pm, free, Bulwell Hall Park

Peter Pan: Show in a Week

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What a joyous occasion this could be. Gone will be the sound of whining, bickering and the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, and instead, the sound of silence and a blanket of peace will envelope your house once you pack the kids off to the Arts Theatre for the week. The theatre summer school programme is back, and this week, they’re tasking the sprogs with a production of Peter Pan. You can drop ‘em off at 9am for brekkie if you sort it out beforehand, and then they’ll spend their days rehearsing before showing off their hard work to you in a performance on Friday evening. You’ll have a bit of a chill out, they’ll have loads of fun, and you’ll have summat to take the grandparents to. It’s literally a winning situation for all involved.
Monday 8 - Friday 12 August, 10-4pm, £86 per child, Nottingham Arts Theatre

Holiday Workshops

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Another perfect opportunity to give the kids summat different to do during the ever-stretching expanse of the summer holidays. And this one won’t cost you a penny. If you reckon you’ve got little Picasso’s on your hands, tek ‘em over to the New Art Exchange so they can get stuck in to workshops led by professional artists. The younger kiddos will be having a go at creating collages, putting paint to paper and giving photography a go, while the more seasoned youngsters will try their hand at digital design and will have the chance to use computer software to edit their images. They’re dead flexible so the kids can pop in to one session or become the next big thing after going along to them all.
Runs until 23 August, 10-12pm for 7-11yrs, 2-4pm for 12-16yrs, New Art Exchange

Outdoor Theatre - Wuthering Heights 

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“Heathcliffe! It’s me, I’m Cathy, I’ve come home and I’m, so co-o-o-old” Sang our Kate Bush back in 1978. Not actually a song from the play, but you know, if the shoe fits. This week, the immense summer of outdoor theatre is bringing you the Emily Bronte classic, set in the grounds of Nottingham Castle. Watch Cathy and Heathcliffe frolick on the moors before she runs off to marry her cousin and he kidnaps her daughter before digging up ode Cathy’s grave. A love story if ever we heard one! Pack your brollies just in case, and treat yourself to a picnic an’ all. Who doesn’t like a peanut butter sarnie to go with their incestuous relationships?
Wednesday 10 August, 7pm, £10/£15, The Castle

Rattle LP Launch

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A couple of issues ago, we got Rattle to answer our questions in photographic form and the results were hilarious. ‘But who are Rattle?’ We hear you cry. Rattle are a two-woman act of drums, haunting vocals, and downright badassness, and they’re launching their debut LP this Saturday. Released on I Own You Records, the albumis eleven tracks long and packed full of skin wallops. Celebrate with the women to be reckoned with in an exclusive live performance, in the depths of Nottingham Writers’ Studio. You can bag yourself a ticket by heading over to Plates or Forever Records.
Friday 12 August, 7pm, £4, Nottingham Writers’ Studio

Waterfront Festival

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In one of the most swashbuckling music events of the year, I’m Not From London are taking over The Canalhouse with the massive Waterfront Festival. For one day and one day only, the biggest names on the local scene will be filling the stages, back to back, to provide the soundtrack to a mad Saturday. You Want Fox, Eyre Llew, The Barnum Meserve and Future Shinjuku are just some of the names on the lineup that spans across three rooms. The event is all in aid of charity, and last year everyone managed to raise over £17,000. This year, the charities you’ll be supporting are Brake, The John Eastwood Hospice Trust, and Nottingham City Hospital’s The Wolfson Cystic Fibrosis Centre. In celebration of the great rock ‘n’ roll legends that passed earlier this year, you’re all invited to dress up as one of your favourite rock stars, with prizes available for the most outrageous costume. So dig out your best platform boots and get the missus to do you some well good eyeliner, you don’t wanna be the only one in your everyday clobber.
Saturday 13 August, £10.50, The Canalhouse

Melodica Festival

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Back in 2007, some clever so and so from Australia had the bright idea of hosting a festival that’d bring together acoustic musicians from all over the shop. Nothing new there – it’s a pretty standard festival concept – but this one’s special because it moves from country to country. The musicians get to play in different cities around the world, and said cities get to hear a right good mix of musical musings that they wouldn’t normally get the chance to see. Stopping off in Nottingham for the first time ever, Melodica is bringing acts from Sweden, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, the US of A and, of course, England. Most of the lineup are unplugged, but they’re not averse to the odd one using loop pedals and laptops, as well a few stripped-back sets from electro bands. Set at Rough Trade and JamCafe, it’ll be lush sounds in intimate spaces. Don’t mind if we do.
Saturday 13 - Sunday 14 August, entry by donation, Rough Trade and JamCafe

This is Nottz 

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J.D. Taylor has been cycling around the country interviewing everyone from supermarket shoppers, to lonely blokes down the pub. From all these experiences, the author has written a book exploring ideas behind identity, memory, protest and belonging – Island Story. He’ll be discussing his findings alongside local artists and writers in a session down Nottingham Contemporary, with a particular nod to what he found while in Nottingham city and the surrounding areas. Delving into the world of literature, music, cinema and the rebellious history of our city and beyond, the evening is set to be an insightful one. Don’t miss it.
Thursday 11 August, 6.30pm, free, Nottingham Contemporary

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