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Win Season Tickets for Contemporary's The Screen

30 July 16 words: Harry Wilding
Two pairs of season tickets up for grabs for the Europa, Mon Amour season of films showing throughout August
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Nottingham Contemporary has a new season showing at The Screen - Europa, Mon Amour: Europe, summer, and love. Two films have been shown already (we won't tell you what you've missed) but there are still five left and there are TWO pairs of tickets for them all up for grabs.

The films will be shown every Wednesday throughout August - they will be To Catch a Thief, Before Sunrise, Bonjour Tristesse, Before Sunset and the final film is a People's Movie Choice, in which you can vote for what gets shown. 

For a chance to win, answer the below question by sending it to [email protected] with the Subject - 'Tempreh Screen Competition' with your full name by midnight Monday 1 August.

What is the third film in Richard Linklater's 'Before' trilogy, after Before Sunrise and Before Sunset?

The Screen

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