The Vintage Pop-Up Cinema Co are Coming to Nottingham

2 December 16 words: Lucy Manning

Just like poor Little Timmy, we’ve been left out in the cold when false promises of drive-in movies and pop-up water slides have appeared on our Facebook newsfeeds. We have to be honest, we had the same, sneaking suspicion about this here pop-up cinema, but hoorah! This is a Christmas miracle. It’s all 100% legit.

The Vintage Pop-Up Cinema Co. are taking over the Grade II listed 14 St Peter’s Street, whacking up a giant cinema screen, and installing a bar with a whole heap of gourmet cinema snacks and premium food. Oo-er. Don’t mind if we do, duck.

They’ll be screening some of your favourite Christmas flicks and the odd cult classic for an entire week, with the possibility of extending their time at the venue if the events are in high demand. Which we reckon they will be.

On Wednesday 14 December, it’ll be Buddy’s big-screen debut as Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel star in Elf at 6.30pm.

Catch Christmas rom-com Love Actually on Thursday 15 December at 5.30pm, and the following day on Friday 16 December you can watch The Nightmare Before Christmas from 6.30pm, followed by Dirty Dancing at 9pm.

Everyone’s favourite ‘violent’ Christmas film, Home Alone, is on at 1pm on Saturday 17 December, and the next day, take the whole family to watch It’s A Wonderful Life at 1pm, followed by A Muppet Christmas Carol at 8pm sharp.

What a lineup. And there’s more – on the last day, the Saturday, there's gonna be a very special LeftLion screening of Disney’s Robin Hood, complete with foxes and one big, angry wolf to boot. Seeing as it’s Christmas, we’ve decided to give away a pair of tickets to one lucky reader. All you have to do, is email us at with your name, phone number, and the animal you’d be if Disney were to turn your life into a film. Easy as pie.

The Vintage Pop-Up Cinema Co. website

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