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9 Top Deliveroo Restaurants to Order From in Nottingham

25 February 16 words: Bridie Squires

We have broken down the creme de la creme of eateries you can order from in Nottingham, all thanks to the little kangaroo and his bicycle friends

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So, January’s over. We can all stop pretending we’re going to replace Netflix binges with aqua pilates, start snorting chia seeds instead of ketamine, and start a business delivering proper food to Sunday’s hungover populace. Besides, the latter has finally been done. That’s right. Someone, somewhere has made this absolute beauty of an idea come to fruition. And then some.

Ever since Deliveroo was launched in Nottingham, I’ve been able to chuck the responsibility of cooking out the window and treat myself without having to devour greasy pizzas, ‘babs, and other beige food that leave stomachs in tatters for the following week. This is proper food from proper restaurants, delivered to your door. On bike. Sharpish.

Yep, you can pick from a ton of eateries in Nottingham and, being a lazy food obsessive, I’ve devoured most of their contents from the comfort of me front room – and definitely not in bed – by now. So, here it is, from an Ordering Guru’s gob, a list of the best places you can fill your belly up without having to lift a finger.

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Eviva Taverna

Twenty cool points to Nick the Greek. This Mediterranean cuisine is perfect if you’re after something healthy but proper tasty. My favourite thing to order from here is the dolmas – vine leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice. I could easily smash them for the rest of my life. They act as a great side dish to the moussaka – thick and creamy, with mouth-watering meat and aubergine, served with broccoli and mushrooms. Other favourites also include any of the garlicky, marinated lamb and beef dishes – like mam’s cooking… if she lived in a whitewashed stone villa overlooking the sea. Balance out the healthiness and chuck some baklava on your order for dessert – filo pastry, crammed with nuts, honey, syrup and mouth orgasms.

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Oh. My. God. You know sometimes, you just fancy sticking your face into the naughtiest of the naughty, and you don’t even feel guilty about it. Too good, soz waistline. The decision game is difficult here in this meat-drenched heaven. But, personally, gimme them smoked pigs in blankets with next-level, sweet garlic sauce. Chuck the little sausagey badboys on a… wait for it… mixed pulled pork BBQ chilli con carne. A box of serious gear – all good, all holy. Pile beans, pulled pork, dirty rice and sour cream onto your fork, wipe it all onto a nacho and chomp. Careful though, eating this too fast is too easy. You need to save a bit of room for a slutty brownie. Oreo flavour, no less.

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Yes, this top contender has recently joined the Deliveroo crew. The staple choice of katsu chicken curry is not to be sniffed at – breaded chicken in proper curry sauce with sticky rice and side salad. However, consider this – fried duck gyozas (not even greasy) with the sexiest plum dipping sauce. I swear. I can’t even. Anyway, teriyaki lamb on phat udon noodles is a goer, plus any of the big bowls of ramen noodle soups – beef chilli is proper. Wagas is one of the few places to send their own drinks your way and you’ll snatch their hand off when you see the selection of fresh juices. Blueberry spice is my favourite – blueberry, apple, carrot and ginger. Yes.

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Bonzai Sushi Bar

Bento box. Bento box. Bento box. Little Japanese trays of joy. It’s a toss-up between the lighter sakana bento (teriyaki salmon, edamame beans, sushi) and the full-on unagi (teriyaki eel, steamed gyozas, king prawn tempura, agedashi tofu). I’m not normally a big fan of tofu but this is edge-seared and amazing. Also, the sushi selection is absolutely bang on – go big with a mixed-selection sushi platter and be well impressed with the different tastes and textures, from avocado to crabstick, all doused in soy sauce and accompanied with lovely pickley kimchi. I’d go as far to say this is the best sushi place in Nottingham. And if you just fancied a big main, you can’t go wrong with some crispy, shredded honey and chilli chicken with rice. Blaow, indeed.

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There is one particular standout dish from these Low Pavement bosses that I can’t seem to get out of my head. Penne Giardiniera. Al dente giant penne, courgette and chilli, smashing, but what really makes this happen is the fried spinach balls – they’re crammed with garlic and cheese and some form of crispy substance that just makes you want to kiss babies on the forehead. Chuck some marinated olives and calamari in as a side dish, and you’re away. The menu is full of simple, interesting dishes worth forking out for on those cold, winter nights.

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Everyone needs curry in their life, and these independent son-of-a-guns more than do the trick. Not only do they cook all the classics to perfection, but they’ve got some really interesting bits and bobs to sink your teeth into, kicking all your standard side orders up the arse with some proper twists. I normally think it’s sacrilege to order chips from an Indian (get some rice down you, you bleddy xenophobe) but tamas have got these skinny-ass fries and they chuck loads of chilli flakes, salt and various herbs on ‘em. When you sink your teeth into their chilli cheese naan, all the cheese just oozes out of the centre like love for a beautiful woman. It's a bit naughty, but YOLO. Get to know the fish fry, the garlicky, spinachy lamb palak gosht, the tarka daal and the saag paneer. Dob a bottle of wine in there for some romance. Get me.

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Pizza is such an obvious choice for a takeaway, but for good reason – we love the stuff. In and around our faces. Twice. Suede tug the rug of boring toppings from beneath our feet and fill our interested bellies with everything we might need in life, atop thin-based goodness. Try yourself a mozzarella, pine nut, rocket and basil pesto pizza; try yourself a roasted duck, spring onion and cucumber pizza on a hoisin base; try yourself a spinach, egg, olive and parmesan pizza and tell me… tell me that this isn’t something special. You can even bag a sharing platter for on the side. Because the absence of cured meats in life can only mean sadness and despair, surely.

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If you want a two-handed hold on a bludgeon of a no-strings-attached wrap, you’re in the right place. Massive burritos with all the stuff you can possibly imagine inside. I well rate the vegetable burrito, but the spicy shredded beef is also one to watch. Get your chops around one when you’re feeling weak and empty inside – these mothers will tuck you back in to life, give you a pat on the back, and send you on your way to full-ups-ville.

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This lot's pizza is serious, and their main course pasta and meat dishes are really worth looking out for – rustic spicy Italian sausage atop a warm tuscan bean salad? Yes, beans and sausages just levelled the hell up. Everyone loves a big sausage, and you get three of the badboys to tackle, all with perfectly seasoned, saucy beans. If this dish is anything to go by, I look forward to sampling the rest. Especially with stuff like swordfish and blue cheese lamb burgers on the menu. The drool game is strong.

Good luck on your quest comrades. May your bellies be full and your washing up bowl be empty.

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