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5 Reasons You Should Enter Nottingham Young Creative Awards

11 January 16 words: Bridie Squires

Have you got a creative itch under your skin? Then we've got summat that'll be right up your street ducky. Get locked in

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Young Creative of the Year 2015 Jamal Sterret with Indiana

It’s that time of year again, chaps. Nottingham’s Young Creative Awards are open for entries and this year is bound to be even corkier than the previous.

Seeing as our city is now a UNESCO City of Literature and City of Football, the theme for this year is 'Nottingham. Future City.' so, if you’re aged between 13 and 24, get yer spider diagrams out and plot like you’ve never plotted before. The categories are as follows:

Architecture and Design
Animation and Digital Media
Creative Writing
Fashion and Textiles
Graphic Design
Visual Arts

The awards are for anyone who lives, works or studies in Nottingham, so dab in youth – you’ve got until Monday 13 March to enter, and there’ll be a big old fancy ceremony at Nottingham Playhouse on Wednesday 10 May to show off the city’s young talent. Now, without further ado, here are a few reasons why you should pull yer pencil out and get cracking:

alt text

1. Cash Money Prizes
Okay, okay. There is more to the awards than getting quids in, but it’s a massive bonus. Every winner receives £100 alongside their certificate, with an extra £150 going to the esteemed, overall Young Creative of the Year. Everybody: “Oooh!”

2. Mentoring Opportunities
Nottingham’s Young Creative Awards puts you on the map for future work, with opportunities to further develop your career alongside companies like Maber architects, Speedo, NTU and Michon Creative.

3. It’s Dead Fun
If you like creating anyway, this’ll give you a nice, concrete goal to work towards while doing something you love. The YCA have dished out a pretty clear brief but they’re all about the creativity with this, so you can pretty much go where you want with it given you’re able to outline how it fits the brief.

4. A Big Fancy Award Ceremony
Come on, don’t be shy. Everyone likes being praised for doing good stuff. This is a great chance to get on stage, receive a fat cheque and certificate while everyone claps you for being a total creative badass. It’s a massive confidence boost and makes you realise that all that scribbling away ain’t for nowt.

5. Fly The Flag For Notts
Everyone’s always banging on about how good London, Manchester and Brum are, but what about our ends though fam? Listen. You know we’re awesome, I know we’re awesome, let’s show the rest of the country… nay, the world, how creative we are. There’s some bang-on hidden talent in this city. Show yourselves!

Nottingham Young Creative Awards entries are being accepted until Monday 13 March. The awards ceremony will take place at Nottingham Playhouse on Wednesday 10 May.

For further information on the brief and to enter, visit the Nottingham YCA website.

Nottingham Young Creative Awards website

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