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Art Works: Fashion Designer Amber L Snow

4 January 16 words: Art Works
A young woman who's making big waves with her sea-inspired collection, Virtues of Venus
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Jellyfish Short Slip

This item is a handmade, hand-embroidered dress made from purple tulle, from my Virtues of Venus capsule range. It can be layered and worn as day or evening wear, or as lingerie. It was created to be a playful and expressive piece, where the customer could have fun and wear it how they wished.

Throughout my work, I want to ensure that this traditional, diminishing way of hand finishing remains a part of today’s fashion, and everything I make is directly influenced by traditional couture in one way or another. I wanted Virtues of Venus to respectfully represent couture by being clothing of high-quality fit and finish, and being heavily structured around all the traditional practices of couture. I added a casual streetwear and current twist into it, though, giving it a fresh and relatable approach. It took around 33 hours of work and was made in my home studio.

I use my work as a form of communication and expression and to help draw attention to the things that I feel need addressing, such as social stigmas surrounding youth cultures, disabilities, eco-fashion, environmental awareness and conservation. I wanted Virtues of Venus to help to increase consideration towards our oceans, encouraging their protection, so that we are able to continue to explore and learn about how resourceful, beautiful, diverse and important they are to our planet.

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One of the best reactions to this item was when I was at the Bird in Borrowed Feathers market in Nottingham in August, and had a little girl come up to my stall with her parents and get really excited about the dress and how its tentacles moved. Since then, I’ve had a few suggestions to do kidswear, which is something I’d like to explore in the future.

I’ve had my own business for just over two years now, where I started off mostly working as a freelance designer, tailor and pattern cutter for other businesses. It’s only recently that I’ve been promoting myself as a new independent design label called Amber L Snow, with its own designs and mini capsule diffusion ranges.

It’s still developing day by day, but I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience so far. I’m able to explore my ideas as well as represent and build my label with what I produce, and it’s lovely to receive interest and support from people who want to buy and write about my things.

Amber L Snow's website


Deborah Selwood - Photographer
Amber L Snow – Stylist and Fashion Designer
Monica Montalvo - MUA
Sarah Wright - Nails
Annette Grey - Hair Stylist
JoJo Pearson – Model


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