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Hinds Interviewed by Babe Punch

25 January 16 words: Babe Punch
"It's a fact we are not that popular in Spain and it sucks because we love Spain"
Hinds Interviewed by Babe Punch

Hinds answer questions put to them by Notts band Babe Punch - Photo by Salva Lopez

How would you describe your music?
Dirty, smooth, and messy!

Which artists have influenced your music?
I would say the mix of The Strokes, Mac DeMarco, and Shannon and The Clams.

What are your number one favourite albums?
We love Juan Wauters 'North American Poetry'; we love Fat White Family 'Champagne Holocaust'; we love The Strange Boys 'And Girls Club'; we love Kendrick Lamar.

Where does the inspiration for your lyrics come from?
Everything we write is personal stuff, personal experiences; so I guess inspiration comes from life itself.

Babe Punch Hinds Interview

Babe Punch interview Hinds

Who bought you your first instruments?
Good question! Carlotta's guitar was a birthday present off her ex-boyfriend; Ana's guitar was Carlotta's old brother's; and Ana and Carlotta gave Ade's bass as her birthday present. And Amber just bought herself for Christmas the best drum kit you've ever seen!

What was it like for you getting the reaction you did in England? Is it much different to the one you get at home?
Definitely, yes. I think that always happens, so many bands are not that beloved in their hometowns just because of...well, I actually don't know! But it's a fact we are not that popular in Spain and it sucks because we love Spain and we always talk good about it and we are not gonna stop fighting for it.

How did it feel to bring out 'Leave Me Alone' and what is it like for you to now be touring it?
It is acutally, to me, pretty different. I didnt know it was going to be this big deal! And it's not because people know the songs or something like that - because they don't, we haven't given them time yet - it just fees like suddenly these gigs count, you know? Finally people can say like "I saw them when they only the first album out", "before they became maniacs because of touring" - hahahah I'm kidding. We are trying hard to not go crazy, I promise.

What's your favourite venue in the UK?
A small one called Moth Club in London. It's just awesome, full of glitter like a prom party or something and its like ready to be wild.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?
Beer :)

Any other cool Spanish artists that are worth checking out?
Please check Los Nastys!

Hinds play the Rescue Rooms on Wednesday 17 February 2016. Their debut album Leave Me Alone is out now via Leave Me Alone.

Hinds website

Babe Punch play with Crosa Rosa an Mannequin at The Bodega on Saturday 30 January 2016.

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