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The Winner of Women in Publishing Award on Mother's Milk Books

26 January 16 words: Liam Mills
It's official. Dr. Teika Bellamy is simply the breast when it comes to publishing books celebrating femininity
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A family-run publishing company based in Nottingham has recently made waves across the feminist literature scene after receiving the Women in Publishing Award for Best New Venture 2015. Mother’s Milk Books, founded by Dr. Teika Bellamy, specialises in “books that celebrate femininity and empathy through images and words, with a view to normalizing breastfeeding”. The company, founded in 2011 and who’s first publication Musings on Mothering sold over 300 copies in its first fortnight after release, publishes literature for adults and children alike, printing poetry, fairy tales, traditional fiction and novellas all centred around motherhood, womanhood and the bonds that develop through the shared experiences of women and children. In addition to this the company also hosts an annual writing prize for short fiction and a pamphlet prize for poetry, encouraging female writers young and old to take part.

This comes hot on the tail of Nottingham’s accreditation as a UNESCO City of Literature, which Teika praises as part of Mother’s Milk’s recent success. “There are so many great indie presses in the locality, and I’d really like readers and writers to connect with them as the really innovative and exciting books are coming from indie publishers. I’m really proud to be part of the vibrant and risk-taking indie publishing scene and Nottingham, plays a vital part of the scene.”

Not content with winning the prize, Teika has stated that she does not intend on slowing down in 2016, with seven books scheduled to be in print throughout the year - including a sequel to Ana Salote’s Oy Yew - and Teika herself will be chairing a panel on independent publishing at the Nottingham Writers' Studio on 26 February (7.30 - 9.30pm)

Mother’s Milk website

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