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Tom Clay Launches Debut Single

12 January 16 words: Sam Nahirny
With his debut solo single out anytime now, we had a chat with the Alt-Rocker
Hey Tom, for those unfamiliar with your musical history. Can you sum it all up?
I’ve been playing music in one form or another for most of my life. Over last year or so I’ve been recording, writing and giving and i’m about to release my first single. 
And now you’ve got this solo project. Sanctuary is the lead single, and it’s a great piece of uplifting rock. How did the song come about?
I wrote Sanctuary at the end of a relationship, breaking up is always a good source of inspiration!
What’s the dream with this solo project? You’ve already had some incredible experiences over the past decade or so with both the music and acting. So does this project bring big ambitions again? Or is it just a satisfying creative outlet?
If people like what I’m doing and want to listen then “I’m happy.
What gives you the bigger buzz, writing/recording these songs, or playing them live in front of the crowds?
I love the recording process but playing live is the biggest buzz.
Between Hampshire and LA, you’ve travelled quite some miles. How does the music scene/industry experience compare in your opinion between the UK and US?
It's quite a daunting task playing in another country, but everyone I crossed paths with out there was very supportive. I definitely feel more at home playing in the UK though
What can people expect from the solo live shows? 
Some upbeat songs and some more somber ones too, I try to create a curve in the set list so it feels like a journey.
And the EP - is it all going to be in a similar sound to Sanctuary? Or is it a bit more experimental?
There are some more experimental ones on there and hopefully some unexpected ones too…
What is it that you love about working in music?
It's like a compulsion, I guess most people who create feel the same, it's not a choice so much as something that you have to do.
What's been your favourite release of 2015, and why?
Ryan Adams cover album 1989 was awesome, I love anything he does, but covering a Taylor swift album was brilliant.
What is your earliest musical memory. Whether that's listening, or performing?
I remember being very young and sneaking downstairs to hear my dad play with his friends in the living room. I would sit on the bottom step with the door ajar.
Finally, who is one musical icon whom you’d absolutely love to work with? 
Well I grew up listening to The Eagles, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, so any of those guys would be a dream come true.

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