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19 July 16 words: Promoter Focus

We put some questions to Gadge Harvey of Nightmare, the music promoters who do industrial, powerhouse and hard dance down to a T at The Maze

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Industrial, powernoise and hard dance

Venues you do stuff at:
Regular night at The Maze, in the past we’ve guested at festivals, Rock City, etc.

Who else helps you run the nights:
DJ Urban Cannibal and DJ Daxie Sparkles

Ten words that sum up the events you put on:
Music for weirdos – a sixteen-year tradition of banging nights

Describe the average punter at your nights:
Twenty- to thirty-something hard dance fans, cyber goths and indie kids

Which local act has gone down best with your crowd and why?
My own band, Renoized, have always been a firm favourite and get a good crowd. Nottingham synth pop act Method Cell usually pack the dance floor as well.  

Which non-local act would you bring back again?  
Deviant UK, they’re a Manchester-based band who have an insane amount of energy, pull in the punters and know how to party.

If you could get a celebrity compere who would you choose and why?
Professor Elemental. I was lucky enough to end up at a party with him a while back and we got on famously; he promised me he’ll come up to Nottingham and do a show for us. The man’s a legend and we’ve got a really open minded lot in the club – they might like their hard dance and dirty industrial, but I think they’d appreciate the cut of the Professor’s jib.

Which booze sells best at your events?
Whatever’s cheap. Usually lager and, given that a lot of the industrial/cyber crowd started off in the goth scene, snakebite and black isn’t an unusual sight either.

Tell us a crazy story that has happened at your events…
I’m not sure if I should tell this one, but back when magic mushrooms were legal, one of my resident DJs – who shall remain nameless – decided to ‘experiment’ with them. I found out about thirty mins before he was due on and discovered he’d taken an industrial amount of them – but he assured me he’d be alright. Needless to say he wasn’t and I had to rescue the dancefloor while my DJ was practically catatonic behind the decks.

If you weren’t a promoter what would you have ended up doing?
Probably putting on paintball, airsoft or wargames conventions. If I couldn’t do that I’d put a bit more effort into my writing as I currently have a cracking job on an airsoft wargames magazine.

What other events in Nottingham do you love?
I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Spellbound at The Cookie Club – I’m a bit of an old goth at heart – and I used to love Psycle. DirtyFilthySexy at Spanky’s is usually a fun night out ran by some top geezers.

What have you got coming up over the next few months?
On Saturday 23 July we’ve got Randolph and Mortimer playing – a Sheffield unit that play really harsh industrial/electro dance music with a slightly punk edge – they throw everything into it with an audio visual light projection show. After that, Saturday 13 August, which I’m really hoping I can get the Professor along to; and New Year’s Eve Eve at the end of November, which should be a stormer as I’m chatting to the Deviant UK guys about getting them back up.

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