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Art Review: I'm Tired Photography Exhibition at GuerillaArtLab

10 June 16 words: Shannon Challis–Smith
A photography project that is using backs to highlight the lasting impact of everyday micro-aggressions, assumptions and stereotypes in society
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Equality is no longer a desire for some, but an absolute necessity for all; the I'm Tired photography show is currently exhibiting personal and powerful stories which push for equality among everyone (that is: gender, sexuality, race, age, etc.) and why. The show is made up of several photographer’s images who have created pieces that are moving and, more importantly, relatable.

Pegged on draws of string around the room are photographs of each subject’s back, and upon each one is a statement briefing what that individual is ‘tired’ of. The repetition of "I’m tired..." throughout the show exaggerates the meaning and in itself, becomes tiring and saddening to realise the broad spectrum of problems which still exist within society today. Beside every photo there is text which gives a greater insight into why they are tired about said prejudice.

Although it is easy to become slightly overwhelmed by the text accompanying each photograph, to study each photo individually is not only important, but also enlightening to who the person is. No faces are shown, backs are turned, and only the back of their torsos and heads can be seen; there is real significance in the fact that the discussion revolves around what affects these people and makes up who they are, yet they are obviously still shamed for such things. Despite this, every subject’s body pose is different: some have their hands upon their head, some on their hips, some look confident while some look timid and shy.

The success of the photography show stems from its accessibility and reliability; at least one subject matter will reach out to the viewer. A vast number of topics are touched upon, and it not only covers race, gender and sexuality but also wider subjects such as feminism, domestic abuse and mental problems, conditions which are often overlooked when discussing the importance of equality and the ridding of prejudice.

What is important is that the body and flesh of every skin colour, size and gender can be seen in this exhibition, photographed by different people and creating differing styles of photographs to unite as one, directly reflecting the subject at hand. Everybody is given their chance to speak out about how they are disadvantaged in society because of something which makes them a part of who they are.

If you are passionate about the importance equality, or if you’re not find out why you should be, and get yourself over to GuerillaArtLab.

I'm Tired, GuerillaArtLab, 25 Broad Street,runs until end of June, free. 

I'm Tired Project website



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