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Street Food, Barefoot Bowls and Sunshine with MySight Nottingham

24 June 16 words: Ash Dilks
"It's bowls, eats, beats, booze and banter. Barefoot Bowls is an urban take on the traditional game of lawn bowls. The ultimate laid-back, after-work, social event"
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MySight offers such a range of diverse services, how many people work for MySight and how do you manage to bring it all together?
MySight has a core of around fifteen staff, a handful of which are full time and the majority of which work directly on delivering our services such as counselling, equipment advice, sport and leisure opportunities, IT training, art and music. We also train sighted guides and people to befriend those who may be vulnerable or isolated. The biggest part of our team is the 100+ volunteers who help keep it all going.

Your events calendar is pretty diverse: theatre, sky-diving, barefoot bowls… what's next?
We’re currently working on a film screening with the Nottingham Alternative Film Network, a supper club with local chef Alex Bond, a wine tasting evening at Debbie Bryan’s, an abseil, a firewalk and a croquet and cream tea event - it’s never dull in our events section.

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Barefoot Bowls, what's it all about and how do we get involved?
It’s bowls, eats, beats, booze and banter. Barefoot Bowls is an urban take on the traditional game of lawn bowls. The ultimate laid-back, after-work, social event, it’s set in the heart of Nottingham’s Park Estate and played in teams of four. Backed up with exotic street food, a bar provided by The Orange Tree, ice cream, candy floss and a vintage summer soundtrack. The Barefoot Bowls team are bringing this quintessentially British game dancing into the 21st Century with colour, fun and style. Nothing serious, nothing personal... just a great way of spending a summer’s evening in 2016.

Street food you say... who's going to be there?
When putting the event together, we thought we’d aim high (really high) with the quality of our event partners. Orange Tree are known throughout Nottingham for their fantastic bar menu and we needed food to match, so we approached 2015 Masterchef Finalist Pete Hewitt and he loved the concept. He’s just had a brand new street food van fitted out which he runs under the name of Homeboys. He produces Japanese inspired street food, including Japanese Fried Chicken (JFC), miso braised short rib and katsu. Living the Cream will be bringing luxury ice cream and candy floss too.

Not to be pessimistic, but what if it rains?
According to our sources, the sun will be shining but provisions against the weather will be taken because, like with any outdoor event, we are open to the great British weather. Cross your fingers, toes and be positive.

Finally, if we could all do one thing to look after our eyesight what would that be?
Get regular eye tests, they really are useful and early intervention can help in a lot of cases. Also, at this time of year, wear sunglasses when necessary (I know that’s two things but they are both very important)

Barefoot Bowls team entry is £50 (£12.50pp) and you’ll get tips from three-time Commonwealth Gold Medalist and three-time World Champion Ellen Falkner too. Enter here.

The Nottingham launch takes place at ActiveAce Arena, The Park on Thursday 30 June at 6.30pm

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