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Green Light in the City

New Mansfield Club Night for People with Learning Disabilities

2 March 16 words: Lucy Manning

"We want to involve people to make TENFIFTY a club night that is run by and for people with a learning disability"

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Tell us a bit about TENFIFTY – what is it? Who is it for?
TENFIFTY is a new 18+ monthly club night event for people with a learning disability that will take place at ..andwhynot…in Mansfield. It will be a night club environment and hopefully a place that people want to be. Entry is £4 and support workers go free.

Tracy: We want TENFIFTY to be a club event where people with a learning disability can have fun and meet new people. People with a learning disability have as much right to a full and active social life as anyone else and we want to give people attending a voice so that this can happen.

What made you set up the night?
Jimmy: Well it’s a funny story actually, it all happened quite by chance.

Tracy: Yeah, Jimmy’s prior experience within music and DJing and knowing Mansfield’s nightlife meant he already had the links and support in the area to run the night.

Jimmy: Working in a more educational setting with people with a learning disability, had kinda sparked an interest to link the two worlds together. Tracy has years of experience working with people with a learning disabilities and had also put on club nights previously. Through a sheer pot luck conversation, we realised we were looking at doing the same thing, so it was a no brainer to work together to see if it had legs.

Why are events like this one important for the learning disabled community?
Tracy: Events like this are important because they provide the opportunity to have a life like any other. So often, people with a learning disability can be ‘done to’ and what we want is to really involve people to make TENFIFTY a club night that is run by and for people with a learning disability.

Jimmy: Yeah. It’s the opportunity to go to an exciting event that’s a bit different, and to have a say in how future events look.

Tell us about the venue – is it solely a TENFIFTY night, or is it open to the public
We’re really fortunate to have an amazing town centre venue that’s supporting us.

Tracy: It’s a club night that is open to members of the public who have a learning disability, but it is purely a TENFIFTY night.

How are the nights run? Do attendees need a chaperone?
This will vary, some people will need support to attend and so will come with a worker or PA whereas others will attend independently.

Jimmy: We are consciously wanting to make the night as inclusive and safe as we can, and recognise that some people may be used to going out and for others it may be their first venture into this environment. We want everyone that attends to feel comfortable about being there, so with this in mind we have recruited enthusiastic volunteers who will be part of our ‘hype team’ and ensure that everyone gets involved and has a good time.

What can club goers expect from a TENFIFTY night out?
 Fun, freedom and no fear. TENFIFTY will offer a club environment where people attending can lead the way in how it develops.

Jimmy:  I think it offers something different and exciting. We have ideas but who knows where it will go; I guess it’s up to what the club goers want.

Can people volunteer to help?
We have a team of volunteers in place for our first event but if anyone reading this wants to get involved then send us an email, we would love to hear from them.

How can people get involved and attend the nights?
We have a Facebook page that has details of upcoming events and we have worked with all our networks to get flyers out to as many places as possible. But basically, anyone who is over 18 and wants to attend can turn up and pay.

TENFIFTY club night, Monday 7 March, 6.30pm, £4, support workers go free, ...andwhynot..., Mansfield.

TENFIFTY on Facebook

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