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Notts' Most Opinionated Greengrocers: The Thompson Brothers

30 April 16 words: LeftLion
This month the terrible twosome are talking the Queen's 90th birthday, attending a mass karaoke night, and Leicester City's recent success...
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Queens 90th Birthday

It was absolutely marvellous. We had a bottle of champagne between us to celebrate and sent her a telegram to wish her happy birthday. We were planning to decorate the shop for it, but we didn’t get the bunting in time. We’ve got another chance with her second birthday in June.

It was hilarious. We had a great night, although it might have been more fun if we’d had ten pints like everyone else in there seemed to have. Unfortunately we had a shop to open up the next morning. We got home at past midnight and had to be up four hours later.

Leicester City to win the Premier League
It’s absolutely fantastic what they’ve done. They’ve just got to get a few more points on the board and they’ve got the title. It’s much better to see them win it than one of the London or Manchester clubs. We only wish we’d put a fiver on them at the start of the season.

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