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Green Light in the City

Pick of the Week: 16 - 22 May

15 May 16 words: POTW
With Neat16, Young Creative Awards, NG83, John Newling and more...
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"Yer a publisher, Harry"

Publishing Rooms
If you’ve ever posted a selfie online, you’re practically a publisher, apparently. Brothers Andrew and Iain Foxall argue that everyone who owns a smartphone publishes things every single day. Bonington Gallery is showcasing Foxall Studio’s newest interactive exhibit, where you’ll walk into an interactive newsroom-cum-photo booth and explore society and social media’s obsession with self-expression. Take a spin on digital and analogue devices to showcase how we publish things every day. The brothers formed Foxall Studio in 2006 and combine visual arts, fashion and branding. You’ll basically be doing their work for them – everything that gets published in the exhibition by the public will sent directly to and from there you can share them on social media, to add even more publishing to an already publishing-heavy situation.
Monday 16 May, 10am, free, Bonington Gallery

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Graeme's gorra bee in his fur...

Graeme of Thrones
You know how it is. You grow up with a series of stories, imagine the characters in your head and envision the pillaging of towns and villages in a way that only you know how. Then, along comes HBO and destroys the visions you had for King’s Landing and kills off half of your favourite characters in the first series. One guy who knows exactly how you feel, is our Graeme. Proper vexed at how the TV series turned out, he and a bunch of top notch comedy writers have taken it upon themselves to present to you exactly how the series should have gone. Just minus the big budget and boobs in abundance.
Tuesday 17 May, 8pm, £19, Nottingham Playhouse

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Creative, yout...

Young Creative Awards
‘Goals and Dreams’ – that’s the theme the Young Creative Awards has challenged youthful creatives of Nottingham to build their work around. Some of you must still have goals and/or dreams, so come and support Nottingham’s young, creative minds. These are the guys who’ll be shaping the arts of the future, so catch them while they’re young and you can be forever insufferable about how you knew about them before they got big. These young’uns have achieved in ten different categories; from dance, film, and music to creative writing, architecture and design, and visual arts. Before the awards ceremony, you’ll be treated to music and dance performances from some of the entrants, and you’ll be able to look at an exhibition of work done by the artists this year.
Wednesday 18 May, 6.15pm, free, Nottingham Playhouse

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Neat 16...

NEAT16 Festival
Screw London, and chuck Manchester out with last week’s news. Nottingham has gorra plateful of exceptional talent, and we’re all about celebrating it. Someone else who’s got summat to say about what’s going off in Notts is NEAT – Nottingham’s European Arts Festival – and the bi-annual festival is back with a bang. The Playhouse, New Art Exchange, ‘Tempreh, Theatre Royal, plus loads more venues across Notts will be inundated with performance and art, including 2Magpies’ cycling masterpiece Ventoux, The Syrian Monologues at the Playhouse, and David Jones’s Vision and Memory exhibition. It’s gonna be a massive celebration of the diverse arts scene we’ve got going on in Hoodtown, and a chance for those who wouldn’t normally get involved to sit front and centre. Further additions to the festival lineup will be added closer to the kick off, so keep your eyes peeled for more information. We’ll see you there.
Wednesday 18 May - Sunday 12 June, various prices, various venues

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Coming to Spanky's

Dizraeli + Special Guests
Dizraeli is coming to Nottingham – no, not two-time British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, silly – but Bristol hip-hop act and multi-instrumentalist. Head down to Spanky van Dyke’s to catch his brand of hip hop, alternative folk. He went solo in 2009 to record his debut album, Engurland (City Shanties) and then spent six years writing and touring with his band Dizraeli and the Small Gods. But, now he’s back on his own and ready to knock your socks off. Check out Morning Light before you go see him – it’s got a mean guitar line and even meaner lyrics. Apparently his new music will be something like a howl from a hilltop, so get yourself up that incline in Spanky’s.
Thursday 19 May, 8pm, £6-10, Spanky van Dyke’s

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John Newling at Syson Gallery...

John Newling in Conversation
Here’s your chance to see the artist behind the art. The man responsible for our most recent cover, Last Islands and The Human Nature Table at Syson Gallery will be having a conversation with gallery director Jennie Syson. If a conversation isn’t enough to get your arty-self going, then there’ll also be a walkthrough of the exhibitions. The concept behind Last Islands is the process of map making and how maps translate to landscapes. As part of The Human Nature Table exhibit, there are bowls made of soil from Newling’s garden and, while they don’t sound very useful as something to eat out of, they’re stacked up in a striking manner based on their different colours.
Thursday 19 May, 7pm, free, Syson Gallery

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Munch time

Travelling Gastronomers
The name may sound like some obscure folk band from the seventies, but the only folk your going to get down Sneinton Market this weekend is ones who know how to cook up a storm. We all need food to live and if you're going to splash some cash, it's better spent on some nourishment than frivolities that get left at the back of your wardrobe or leave you with a banging head the next day. From sun-drenched tapas to homely pies, mighty Mexican morsels to wholesome vegan loveliness, your taste buds will be in heaven. Utilising the space - and crossing fingers for good weather - there will be some live music to accompany your gastronomical encounters. And since it's the weekend, don't fear, there'll be some tasty beverages to quench your thirst too. 
Friday 20 - Sunday 22 May, Sneinton Market

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"I'll bring you flowers"...

Sweet Female Attitude
Re-re-wind. When the crowd say bo, and all that jazz. If you’re a fan of proper old skool UK garage, then boy oh boy is Spanky’s treating you this month, bringing you flowers in the pouring rain. Yup, for one night only, the best of the bunch will be on the ones and twos bringing you only the sweetest UKG beats. Think Sweet Female Attitude ft Leanne, Trent Bass and Bass Society DJs. It’s the stuff your dreams were made of. Pull your socks up and make sure you’ve got yer dancing creps on. Early bird tickets have sold out, but you can still book second and third release tickets online. Catch ‘em while you can.
Saturday 21 May, 9pm, £7.50/£10, Spanky’s

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"The whoppers were this big."

Austerity Cafe
If you missed this "experiemental fusion of political satire, fractured melodies and home-grown verse, serving up bite-sized chunks of the UK sociopolitical pie” earlier in the year, here's your chance to get some humorous polititally charged theatre in your life. Austerity Cafe is a rhyme opera, performed by Andy Szpuk, who takes on the role of Yannis – owner of the Austerity Cafe. He opens his floor to customers wishing to air their views, including Phil the lorry driver, Karl the protestor and George the banker. Add to that two musicians who will playing on the night, Burnt Paw and Stacey McMullen, and have both got something to say in their own raconteur ways, and you're laughing.  
Saturday 21 May17 February, 8pm, free, Nottingham Contemporary 

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An original film...

NG83 Screening
Unbeknown to many, Hoodtown was actually instrumental in the development of Nottingham’s hip hop scene way back when in the early eighties. Five inner-city dancers have got together with directors, Claude Knight, Sam Derby-Cooper and Luke Scott, to create a truly inspirational, funny and bittersweet documentary about the young b-boys childhood dreams that faded as they reached adulthood. Previously unseen footage will be included in the film, highlighting what was once a forgotten era in British culture. Members of the production team will be on hand to introduce the film, and you’ll no doubt be able to collar ‘em in the CafeBar afterwards if you’ve got any questions. You’ll need to book your tickets online to avoid disappointment.
Sunday 22 May, 8.30pm, £8.20, Broadway

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Our Sigourney...

Reel Equality: Aliens 
If you’re just about sick of watching films about hapless damsels in distress, rescued by a strapping knight in shining armour whose sole interest is what’s underneath her corset, then join the bleedin’ club. The name of said club, is Reel Equality – a group committed to showcasing women-centred films that challenge gender stereotypes, working alongside the local charity aiming to put a stop to domestic abuse, Equation. This week, it’s the turn of sci-fi film Aliens, whose lead, Sigourney Weaver, is a true heroine if ever we did see one. Dress up in your best sci-fi garb, and celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the film in style. There might even be prizes for the best dressed...
Friday 20 May, 8.30pm, Broadway CafeBar

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