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9 Things To Do In Nottingham This Week

6 November 16 words: POTW

There's a lot of funny business going on in the city, this week...

Billie EP Launch
This local lass has been a busy bee over the summer. Performing at festivals including Y Not, Green Gathering, Dot to Dot and Riverside, our Billie has been carving out a name for herself on the UK music scene. And to conclude a summer of city-hopping, she's only gone and got an EP together for us all to enjoy. Catch her performing her debut EP at Rescue Rooms Acoustic Rooms sessions on Monday. She'll be supported by some of the best up-and-coming women oin the biz, including eighteen-year-old Elana, who supported Nina Nesbitt in Edinburgh back in 2015, Kate Auburn, and fellow local lady, Chloe Rodgers-Ratcliffe. What a wicked night of local, all-female talent. Just what we like to see. Oh, and did we mention it's happy hour prices all night? Yeah, thought that'd perk your ears up.
Monday 7 November, 8pm, free, Rescue Rooms

Abigoliah Schamaun
The city of Nottingham is to be taken over by the funniest men and women in the biz this month. That's right, get the nappies at the ready cos it's about to get so funny you'll wet your pants. This week, head over to The Understudy at Broad Street's Lord Robert's pub to catch the hilarious woman that is Abigoliah Schamaun. She's a woman just like the rest of us; not a big fan of her thighs, but more than partial to a KFC or two. It's a modern dilemma like no other. Not only that, but the New York native has only gone and bagged herself a British bloke - well in, sister - and a gym membership. Both of which are giving her a headache. Again, we feel your pain gurrrl. It's the best in across-the-pond comedy that money can buy. 
Tuesday 8 November, 8.30pm, £5, The Lord Roberts

Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside
If you've found yourself in the slippers on, feet up in front of the fire with a good book phase of life, then get yer coat on and head into the city centre this week. City Arts are hosting an event for those aged sixty five and over to come down to their Hockley venue, and relive your fondest seaside memories. Picture seagulls, deck chairs and dribbly ice creams. Whether you were faithful Skeggy beach dwellers, or regularly caught the train down to Camber Sands, artist Sarah Mandon wants to hear all about your trips, and will be showing you a whole host of craft techniques so you can turn them into a piece of collage-based art. There'll be tea, coffee and cake for you to enjoy while you create. Not a bad way to spend your Wednesday morning.
Wednesday 9 November, 2pm, £5, City Arts

Phlexxibition: Sarah Cunningham’s Plantopia
A few issues back, we featured Sarah Cunningham in our Art Works section. The artist’s surreal landscapes delve into the earth, plants and the elements by using paint and collage, and the results are stunning. She’s whacking on an exhibition down good owd Fox Talbots on Mansfield Road this month, with help from the Phlexx Records crew – hence, Phlexxibition. There will be some mahoosive canvases to ogle, and of course a bit of booze and food to welcome you into the space. But it’s not just the beautiful art you’ve got to look forward to, on the launch night there’s gonna be music from Phlexx’s Trekkah, whose new album The Enlightening explores the different Chakras and features a plethora of both local and international artists. The instrumental versions of the track are sure to complement the wonky natural world of Plantopia down to a T.
Private view: Friday 11 November, 7pm
Exhibition runs from Friday 11 November - Wednesday 7 December, free, Fox Talbot’s Cafe

If your living room has seen better days, or your bedroom is a drab regurgitation of the IKEA catalogue, then wallow in misery and desolation no longer. Put yer coat on and get yoursen down to Djanogly Gallery to fill your boots to the brim with some of the highest quality craftware that money can buy. Alternatively, if ideas for Christmas gifts have completely alluded you this year, you're in luck. You'll be able to find some really special items that are both handmade and bloomin' loverly. Think jewellery, bags, ceramics, glass and tableware. Plus, you'll be able to see the Young Meteors gallery, showcasing some of the best work from recent UK graduates. Worra corker. We'll meet you there.
Saturday 12 - Sunday 13 November, 10am, free/£4/£5, Djanogly Gallery

A Bit of Magic with Stu and Friends
These are dark and depressing times that we're living in. Not only is it proper cold, the nights begin at half past four, and the shops are already playing Christmas songs, but we're smack bang in the centre of a whole load of political crapness, no one has any money, and the price of Marmite is skyrocketing. If, like us, you just wanna get away from it all, pop in to the Nottingham Arts Theatre to catch Stu and his mates perform in a proper cabaret affair. Think magic, burlesque, impressions and sketches, all tied together in a ribbon of top notch jokes. Our Stu has performed all over the UK, including the West End, so it's bound to be a proper refined performance. We can't bleddy wait, youth.
Saturday 12 November, 3pm/8pm, £10/£12, Nottingham Arts Theatre 

Annual Readers' Day 2016
It's that time of year when nothing seems quite as appealing as getting home from work, turning the heating up to full, and settling down with a good book and a cuppa. Nottingham libraries are asking book worms such as yourselves to join them in celebrating their thirteenth Annual Readers Day. Head over to the County Hall in West Bridgford for an entire day's worth of workshops, author talks and discussions. Local author, Alison Moore, will be discussing her latest novel, Death and the Seaside, and you can join in on workshops based on Shakespeare's visions and the Empire Writes Back. There'll be three main speakers this year; crime writer and poet Sophie Hannah, novelist Joanna Cannon, and author of Travelling to Infinity Jane Harking. If that sounds like a bit of you, get booking your tickets.
Saturday 12 November, 9.45am, £17/£20, County Hall, West Bridgford


EM16: Pulse
One of the best things about Nottingham is that we nurture up-and-coming talent. None more so than Surface Gallery, who are hosting their eighth exhibition in conjunction with the East Midlands Graduate Project. This year, a four-week residency undertaken by eight of the region's most exciting graduate artists culminates in Pulse, an exhibition displaying everything from sculpture to drawing, installation to painting, alongside sound art and digital printing. It'll be an eclectic mix of art from the next best things in the art world. Plus, this Saturday is the artist talk and tour, so you can hear all about the pieces straight from the creators.
Open from Friday 4 November
Artist Talk: Saturday 12 November, 2pm, free, Surface Gallery

Nottingham Comedy Festival
Every year, the city gets taken over by the funniest boggers about. They pour in from all over the country to provide some proper weird, proper big, proper wet-yersen shows, and 2016 is no different. The festival runs for a whole week and spans a plethora of venues, from The Lofthouse to Alea Casino, and everything in between, all the while making sure the Nottingham populace is suitably amused. Get on the Nottingham Comedy Festival website to see the gargantuan rundown of events, but here are a few highlights: forget the fireworks, Mark Dolan is coming to The Nav to lay down Life Hacks on Saturday 5 November. Then there’s the open mic night at Annie’s Burger Shack on Monday 7 November – dust off your best one-liners and rock up, or simply check out the talent. If you’re after a fully charged laugh; comedian, magician and ‘psychopath’ Jerry Sadowitz is making an appearance at Nottingham Arts Theatre on Thursday 10 November. For summat a little more intimate, ger yersen down to Lee Rosy’s for Nathan Cassidy’s The Man in the Arena. Check out the full lineup to find the best pickle tickler for you.
Friday 4 - 12 November, Nottingham City Centre


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