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Author Georgio Konstandi Talks NEA - Dawn of an Era

21 November 16 words: Georgio Konstandi

West Bridgford’s Georgio Konstandi tells us about his debut novel, a political thriller that imagines a second Greek Civil War...

I remember handing in short stories to my primary school teachers to mark during the summer holidays: beneath their smiles and praise, I could sense their dismay at receiving extra workloads from a six-year old. Never did I imagine though that years later, I would be publishing a story of such importance as my debut novel: NEA - Dawn of an Era.

Born to Greek-Cypriot parents, I’ve always been fascinated by politics and passionate about creative writing. In this, the first in my political thriller series, I amalgamate the two most important aspects of my life – and it’s been an emotional write.

We are all aware of the situation in Greece. Suicides have doubled, prostitution is being used by woman across the social spectrum to place food on the table, and there is little sign of respite. I wrote NEA - Dawn of an Era as a political thriller both to entertain and to cause the reader to ask crucial questions about our global political system.

In the book, a highly sophisticated, organised, armed rebel group called NEA sweeps across the nation in blitzkrieg fashion, promising an end to austerity and the return of the ancient Greek superpower. First question: when are, if ever, a rebel group’s actions justified?

This sends Greece into her second civil war, as hypothetical incumbent Prime Minister George Andreou finds himself struggling to make the right decisions in order to keep democracy in the Hellenic Republic. Second question: what makes a strong leader?

Meanwhile, the main protagonist of the story, nineteen-year-old Sophia Iliadi, is a village girl whose struggle for survival in this merciless war acts as her right of passage to becoming a woman. Final question: is the human sacrifice of revolutions always worth the change they bring?

Whether you’re after a page-turning thriller, thought-provoking text or simply an entertaining read, NEA - Dawn of an Era will introduce you to an unpredictable and truly unnerving world. The narrative is unconventional, the events are often stomach-turning, and the choices people have to make are excruciating. The ultimate conclusion the reader must come to however, is that this is far from alien. This is the world we live in. This is the story of the Greeks.

NEA - Dawn of an Era is available to purchase on Amazon and will be arriving in local East Midlands book stores shortly.

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