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Katie Half-Price Reviews George Monbiot's Latest Book

10 November 16 words: Write Lion

Nottingham's orangest reviewer tells us what's up with How Did We Get into this Mess? Politics, Equality, Nature...

How Did We Get into This Mess? Politics, Equality, Nature
George Monbiot
Verso Books (£16.99)

George Monbiot is most famous fir bein a ‘viramentalist who believes in nuclear power and claimin that road kill is well good. But he might fink differentleh if he lived in Strelleh cuz road kill tends ta be yoots who’ve nicked cars and wrapped ‘em arahnd lampposts. I dunt want ta eat humans, ta v much. I prefer a Maccy D. In this book he basicalleh has a right moan abaht everytin such as corruption, injustice, waste and summat called Neo-libra-lism, which I fink has summat ta do with the person Keanu Reeves played in Matrix, and a shit star sign. Loadsa what he sez meks sense, but sometimes his analysis cud go a bit deeper. For example, he reckons “loneliness is twice as deadly as obesity” but wot abaht if yer lonely and obese? Get meh? But ta be fair ta him, he does abide by his principles. This book, for examples, is a recycling of all on his Guardian articles. Personalleh, he should stick ta doing wot he does best: chompin’ squirrels on Newsnight. Lol. Best telleh since Sleb Jungle.

illustration: Raphael Achache

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