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Magician Todd Landman Brought Subversion To Nottingham

24 November 16 words: Jared Wilson

A fusion of magic, social philosophy and jazz music that will make you think about more than just how he did the last trick...

Todd Landman's Subversion

Todd Landman's Subversion

If your mind works anything like mine then it's increasingly important on these cold dark nights to get out and experience some culture. Subversion, a new show by Todd Landman, provides a great excuse to both exercise your brain and exorcise the winter blues. 

It kicks off with a wall of Landman's personal icons such as Karl Marx, Gandhi and Duke Ellington. All of these have personally inspired a man who by day is a Pro-Vice Chancellor of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham. By night he's a very capable magician and an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle. 

There's a trick to follow with the icons that, as with much of the show, it wouldn't be right to reveal here. But it's safe say that as well as seeing some moments of bewildering magic, you'll also feed your brain with a healthy desire to understand more. Not just about the tricks, but also about the people and ideas they were surrounded with.

Subversion is billed as "a magical exploration of the ideas that shaped the world." That's a good description, although it might be more accurate to say that it's an exploration of ideas that have shaped Todd Landman's world. It's a very personal piece and a pleasant world to sink into for the evening. If you allow yourself, you should come out with kernels of new knowledge that could grow to shape yours too. 

Did I mention it's also for a good cause? All ticket proceeds go to Life Cycle 6, a research unit of the University that is making waves in the early identification of breast cancer. As if you needed anymore reason to catch it before the run ends on Saturday...

Todd Landman's Subversion is showing at Lakeside Arts Centre until Saturday 26 November.

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