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Lost City

New Pop-Up Shop in Victoria Centre Hosted by Mimm X Studio LBW

1 November 16 words: Bridie Squires

The creative community champions Mimm have hooked up with local fashion brand Studio LBW...

They’re not just a clothes shop, that Mimm. Creative community champions, the musically motivated lot run a record label as well as acting as a hub for all the trendy arty types in the city. You might have seen their shop opposite Broadway swimming in interesting-looking folk, maybe a glitchy tune or two pumping from behind the big glass windows as people flick through the racks of fashionable wares. Well, they’re branching out even further now – they’ve got themselves a shop in Victoria Centre upstairs, loads bigger than Broad Street, and with some seriously sexy gear hanging up for you to have a goose at. It looks proper swish, proper fresh, but you’re gonna have to move fast if you want a look-in. It’s a pop-up concept store, done in conjunction with Studio LBW – Nottingham’s independent fashion lifestyle brand. You can expect to see their minimalist, nineties clobber in all its monochrome glory.

Mimm website
Studio LBW website

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