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10 Must-See Acts at Hockley Hustle

3 October 16 words: Sam Nahirny
This Sunday sees one corner of Nottingham get taken over by the best local artists. Here are some pointers on who to catch on the day
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Tusk / Brewdog / BBC Introducing

A new band who, in the space of nine months, have already played to massive crowds around the UK, including this little known festival… Reading and Leeds. Heard of it? Tusk make epic Foals-esque rock with a sprinkling of pop sensibility. Their sound is huge. From proper ear worms like War Cry to the more delicate, beautiful sounds of Drowning. No matter what you’re into, you’ll be hooked by their live performance.

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Daudi Matsiko / Broadway / Leftlion

It’s always nice when a musician is lovely. Every so often, that lovely human-ness translates into the music, and that’s what happens with Daudi. The singer-songwriter may write songs about… well, not the happiest of subjects, but his tunes are so delicate and beautiful, they just feel like a nice, warm, big hug. Oh, and they normally leave the room quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

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Rattle / Forever Records / Cobden Chambers

Although some might consider two drummers in a band to be excessive, these guys are as stripped back as they come. Relying on naught but their drums and some low key vocals, their songs are hypnotic and layered, taking you deep inside the music with them. Getting lost in their sounds while surrounded by vinyl ain't such a bad way to kick start the day.

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Congi (Live) / Vita / Mimm

Two producers who make super slick electronic vibes, and who for years have put on sick shows around Notts. Their Hustle appearance is a special one though – it’s one of their first ever live shows. Yes – exclusive – the Hustle brings you some of the sickest beats Hoodtown has to offer, with a full live set. Banging. Catch them if you can – it's another tiny venue.

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Ellie Keegan / Brewdog / BBC Introducing

Singer-songwriter folk can verge on boring sometimes. Let's face it – you need something to hook you in, whether that’s a killer voice, engaging lyrics, or a great stage presence. Ellie Keegan has all these things and more. A voice that's as smooth as honey, with lyrics that get your mind and heart going, plus a really striking stage presence... especially if she gets that loop pedal out.

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photo: @alijphotos

Jonny Olley / Game City (Upstairs) / Confetti

One voice, an electric guitar, and a loop pedal. That’s all Jonny Olley uses to create some of the catchiest and most interesting tunes we’ve heard in ages. He’s quite a wordsmith too, telling stories of ‘jack the lad’ adventures and party times we can all relate to. But just wait until he proper gets into it, cos he goes mad, in the best possible way. We guarantee you will have riff envy by the end of his set.

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photo: Akor O.S Opaluwa

Unknown Era / Broadway / LeftLion

Notts’ finest party band play the infamous midnight slot at Broadway, and we’re sure they’ll make it the most raucous Sunday party you’ve ever been part of. Bringing a vibey mixture of ska, reggae, blues, funk and a load more, these guys are guaranteed to get you sweating, dancing on tables, and will probs have you quite envious of their musical talent too.

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photo: @alijphotos

The Edi Johnston Bit / Hockley Arts Club / Under The Tree

Sometimes, especially in the midst of an intense day like the Hustle, you need a bit of laughter to pull you through. Edi Johnston is just the man to do that for you. A singer-songwriter armed with his voice, a ukulele and plenty of props, Edi’s tunes are full of gags that’ll have you smiling for days on end. Any fans of a good brew reading this? There’s a song for you. What about gingers? He’s got an anthem for you too.

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Mannequin / The Angel (Upstairs) / I’m Not From London

Intense alt-rock. Mannequin are one of the best in the Notts game, bringing fierce amounts of energy to every performance. At the Hustle they’re playing the new refurbed Angel, and we’re sure that the word ‘intense’ will be the best word to describe it. Sick riffs, rapid percussion and sharp vocals all come together to make an unforgettable live performance.

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Daisy Godfrey / Hockley Arts Club / Under The Tree

With her guitarist Ryan, Daisy Godfrey is carving a pretty good name as one of the most distinctive voices in Notts. Proper soulful, Amy Winehouse-esque vibes, Daisy mixes thought-provoking lyrics with her stunning vocal to create something pretty special. And Ryan needs a shoutout too – some of his solos and riffs are out of this world, and will definitely make you wanna pick up that guitar in the attic for the 27th time.

Hockley Hustle returns on 9 October 2016 across 25 venues in Hockley.

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