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8 Things to Do In Nottingham This Week

11 September 16 words: POTW
From comedians to anti-war poetry, bats to garage nights. Nottingham is the city that never stops giving
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The Corner Laughers

This Wednesday, head over to Lee Rosy's Tea Shop, for some great acoustic music and tea. What more could want from a school night? Join us in having a good old listen to the Corner Laughers, a clever, methodical band with delicate and creative instrumentals. Hungry town, a classic duo folk band with great vocal harmonies recognized for their unique and authentic approach to songwriting will also be there, and Fun of the Pier, Nottingham’s very own ukulele band will be playing acoustic pop music with a local touch to their songs. If this sounds like your cup of tea – geddit – then get on down. It's a nice early finish so you can go home, have a bath, and soak up the good feels ahead of work in the morning. Noice.
Wednesday 14 September, 7pm, free, Lee Rosy’s

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Nottingham Meets Barcelona

September can be pretty bleddy glum. You’ve left your week in the costa del Spain far behind you, and all that remains is the sand still lodged in your travel bag. This week, the angels at Baresca and Nottinghamshire Hospice are letting you relive that sunny week away with an evening of comedy, live music and the all important tapas. Yep, you can feast on the best spanish cuisine this side of the Med, and sample a whole host of wines, cocktails and, for the weeknight abstainers, mocktails. It’ll set you back a fiver to enter, but all proceeds go to the Nottinghamshire Hospice, enabling them to continue the incredible end of life care they already provide. Plus, you’ll bag a sweet £9.95 tapas deal, with two tapas, a side, one flatbread and two dips included. Let's Fiesta.
Thursday 15 September, 6pm, £5, Baresca

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Nottingham People’s Assembly: War, What is it Good For?

Absolutely nothing, if you ask us. And a fair few folk who are inclined to agree with our way of thinking are taking over Rough Trade this week, in a bid to inform, educate and enlighten us about the current state of the world around us. There are millions of displaced Syrian and Iraqi refugee and asylum seekers, and it’s now more important than ever to understand the world we live in, in order to go some way to preventing a situation like this ever happening again. Compered by LeftLion’s very own, Bridie Squires, the evening will see a broad selection of speakers, including Kate Hudson from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Jonathan Maunder from the Stop the War coalition. There’ll also be a couple musicians, and performances from the DIY poets. And it’s free. Educate yersens.
Thursday 15 September, 7.00pm – 11.00pm, Free, Rough Trade Nottingham

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Shapeshifting: The Spectacle of Depression and Anxiety

It’s estimated that one in four people in the UK will experience some sort of mental illness over the course of a year. All the more reason to open conversation surrounding mental health, to remove the stigma and encourage others to talk honestly and openly about their issues. One artist doing such a thing is Priya Mistry. Join her at the New Art Exchange to for a conversation and performance that focuses on her current work, The Musical Mental Health Cabaret. The evening will include an open discussion about transforming invisible and immeasurable illnesses into something visible, and how the arts can make a positive contribution towards mental health. Supported by Unlimited Impact, it’ll be a really important evening to open up discussion surrounding mental health. Which we’re all for.
Thursday 15 September, 6pm, free, New Art Exchange

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Bat Walk

Oooooh. Things are getting right spooky up in here. Or cute. Depending on your opinion on winged creatures of the night. Get wrapped up good and proper, and pocket some garlic just in case things take a bloody turn, and get yersen down to Forest Recreation Ground for some bat hunting. Arrive at around quarter to eight to meet a man or woman only known as Park Ranger – elusive – and take a leisurely stroll around the park, heads permanently turned to the skies to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife. While there’s no actual guarantee you’ll see any bats, bare with us, it’ll give you summat to do of an eve, and get you outdoors before it becomes just a bit too nippy.
Thursday 15 September, 7.45pm, free, Forest Recreation Ground

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Church of the Cosmic Skull Album Launch

The carefree days of summer are coming to an end. Once again, you need to find focus in your life, look to the future, yet no further than Church of the Cosmic Skull, who’ll guide you down a new, better path. Along with their free-loving, cosmic beliefs, we’re sure that their brand of prog/psych/seventies rock/pop will have you on your knees praising. A supergroup to rival all Notts supergroups before them, their seven members have played in bands such as Pilgrim Fathers, Ulysses Storm, Hellset Orchestra, Polymath, Dystopian Future Movies and Rescued by Wolves. The unified combination of guitars, Hammond organ, electric cello, bass and drums, together with six-part harmonies, will breathe life into their melting pot of genres. With a mantra of “Do what you want. Look good doing it,” who are we to argue? Get your fine-looking selves to their debut album launch and prepare for a soul-lifting experience.
Friday 16 September, 7.30pm, £5, Rescue Rooms

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Garage Night

This Friday at Stealth, they’re going all out and taking you way back to the nineties with the Artful Dodger himself. All night long they’ll be playing some proper garage bangers that’ll have you shuffling your Stan Smiths all over the shop. After the genre hung up its coat over twenty years ago and took a backseat to other mainstream genres, it’s making an almighty comeback. Make sure you book your tickets online cos with you lot running about we know it’s bound to sell out. Oh, and get there early(ish) to ensure you get your garage fill. Expect to hear the likes of Craig David, Sweet Female Attitude and a couple shots of Brandy for good measure. Can’t think of anywhere else you’d wanna be on Friday eve.
Friday 16 September, 10pm, £5.75, Stealth

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Unity Thru Music

On Friday 30 August 2016, twenty six year old Natalie Orton passed away. A mother, daughter, sister and friend to so many, Nottingham is feeling the loss. To celebrate the life of such a well loved local lass, and to help raise money to cover funeral costs and for the two sons she is leaving behind, a whole day of music has been planned in her name. Kicking off at midday with James Twidale, followed up by Subterfuge at four, Lee Eden at six, and DJ Fever closing the show at seven, it’s bound to be a proper jig about of a day. Plus, you’ll be able to clap some truly scrumptious Suede pizza while you’re there. Make sure you dig deep, and show a family some true Nottingham support.
Saturday 17 September, 12pm, Suede

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Gung - Ho!

Have you ever seen Total Wipe-Out, with everyone on screen falling all over place, and thought? “He’s rubbish, I can do that!” Well, you can prove yourself right, or wrong, by coming along to the Gung – Ho 5k obstacle run. If you’re brave enough to register, you'll attempt to conquer ten massive, inflatable obstacles that'll leave you gawking. If you manage to complete it, you get a cool t- shirt as well. Don’t worry if you’re struggling to finish, there'll be plenty people around to help you out if you get stuck... or they’ll just laugh as they run past.
Saturday, 17 September, various times, £45 - £50, Wollaton Park

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