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Dizzy Ink Brexit Artwork Exhibition: Three Months On

11 September 16 words: Louron Pratt
Nottingham's Risograph specialists are whacking on an exhibition in Derby QUAD and it's set to be a corker
alt text

Just a few months ago, the nation was split in half when the decision of whether to stay in or out the EU was decided. Promises have been broken, a complete change of authority at the top has been implemented, and things are now more complicated than ever before. So basically, everything’s gone tits-up. Three months later, Brexit is still a huge debating topic, and many people still have opinions that they would like to contribute to the discussion.

Nottingham's Risograph and print art experts Dizzy Ink have been commissioned by Derby QUAD to produce an exhibition regarding Brexit. Whether you’re in or out, this will give you the opportunity to submit your own opinion about Brexit in artwork form. You can submit any opinion you want, as long as it has relevance to one side of the debate.

The aim is to “have the space continuously develop over the duration of the exhibition as it perpetrates the debate,” say Dizzy Ink. The posters will be in two different colours (red and blue) to differentiate the two major sides of the debate. You can also submit handmade pieces if you prefer.

There will be existing rolls of visual work, featuring iconic stages that had an impact on the final vote, such as scaremongering tactics, speeches from politicians and media campaigns. The contribution of your opinions in artwork form will be pasted over the current creations made by Dizzy Ink, gradually covering the original work. You’ll be able to take some of the selected artwork home at the end of it all too.

If this is something that you wanna get involved in, then the deadline for submissions is Saturday 17 September. For information regarding specific borders, sizes and other things to consider, drop Dizzy Ink an email on sharpish and they'll sort you out with everything you need.

Three Months On private view, Friday 23 September, Derby QUAD

Dizzy Ink on Risograph in Nottingham
Enter Malt Cross' Midlands Print Open 2016
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