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Do You Know About Any Secret Nottingham Caves?

12 September 16 words: Bridie Squires
Nottingham City Council are looking for more caves to add to their database and they need your help
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photo: Malt Cross

Nottingham wouldn’t be Nottingham without its caves. Even with 600 known, it seems like more are unearthed every few months and put to use as pub cellars and the like. None of the caves are natural – the network below the city was carved out to be used as air raid shelters, tanneries and, well, pub cellars. Not much changed there then.

Any road, Scott Lomax from Nottingham City Council reckons there’s loads more where they came from, and he needs your help to document the sandstone hollows. Maybe you know about a cave in Nottingham that not many people have been to, or is unlikely to be registered on the Council’s database.

If that sounds like you, drop our Scott an email on [email protected] and let him know the address or name of the establishment it sits atop, and he’ll be able to check if it’s listed.

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