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Nottingham Castle

Theatre Review: The Full Monty

29 September 16 words: Lucy Manning
We got down to the Theatre Royal to see a load of blokes take their kit off
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We were treated to only the fifth performance of this cast’s run. And, following four dates in Bristol where the producer informs us that the majority of the audience were silver-topped OAPs, it’s clear to see why the cast were enjoying ‘emsens so much. Rowdy Nottingham crowd we definitely were.

Complete with penis-headband clad hen parties, naughty middle-aged women and me and my mum, we were proper gunnin’ to see Chris Fountain and Gary Lucy [of Hollyoaks fame] take their kit off.

There’s no bones about it. Highbrow theatre The Full Monty is not.

It’s fair to say that there are a couple of things that need ironing out; a few moments that could have been proper emotional stuff fell flat, meaning the gravitas of the former miners’ situation wasn’t always clear, and beginnings of scenes were often missed as the cast attempted to talk over the in-between-scene music. I also think the script contains a couple of clumsy plot devices. But these are the kinds of things that sort themselves out the further into a run the cast get. And the script can’t be helped.

All this being said, I bloody love watching a show in which the actors are visibly enjoying themselves; relishing in audience responses and throwing cheeky glances to the crowd when they make a funny.

There were moments of absolute delight, particularly between Gary Lucy and his on stage son, Nathan, played by Felix Yates. Nathan shouted “Bollocks!” at his dad, Gaz, and the audience roared with laughter. Felix found it pretty funny too, but held it together like a true professional with the help of on-stage pop, Mr Lucy. One of them proper delicious cast moments.

The production won’t change your life. But it’s bloody good fun, and for a night out at the theatre after a hard days graft, what more do you want, really? 

The Full Monty runs until Saturday 1 October at the Theatre Royal.

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