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LeftLion Magazine Appoints Bridie Squires As New Editor

14 April 17 words: LeftLion HQ

Big things a gwarn up at LeftLion HQ. We’ve only gone and got oursens a new Editor. 

That’s right, youths. We are waving sad goodbyes and bidding fond farewells to the inimitable Ali Emm, and welcoming Bridie Squires as leader of the pack as of 1 May.

Bridie, aka Brizzaling, aka The LeftLioness, 25, originally joined LeftLion as Editorial Apprentice in 2013 and was a winner at Nottingham’s Young Creative Awards in 2014 in the Creative Writing category. She progressed to become Website Editor in 2015 and is gearing up to take us all to infinity and beyond. This is only the third change in editorship the publication has seen in the fourteen years since it began, with previous Editors including co-founder and current Editor-in-Chief Jared Wilson (2003-2008) and Al Needham (2008-2013). We must be doing summat right.

As well as spending four years writing and editing for LeftLion, Bridie’s a talented spoken word poet, hosting the monthly Poetry is Dead Good events at Jamcafe and performing regularly on the Nottingham circuit, as well as having appeared on national and international stages. She’s also gorra right gob on her, making her a formidable rap battler – remaining undefeated in her Clash Money battles.

Bridie said: “Having read LeftLion Magazine as a teenager, I was over the moon to get an apprenticeship here in 2013. Editor Ali Emm has been a great friend and mentor; I have her to thank for building on my craft and for giving me the confidence to make this next step. As a local head and word enthusiast, I’m excited to take on this challenge as part of a Nottingham institution, and to give back to a creative community that has fuelled me so much over the years.”

Outgoing Editor, Ali Emm, leaves at the end of April to take on a new role with international news agency Reuters. She has edited LeftLion Magazine since 2013, having first joined in 2007 as a contributor and then becoming Screen Editor in 2009.

During her tenure, Ali has taken the publication from strength to strength. She’s overseen our transition to monthly publishing following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the relocation of premises in the Creative Quarter, and the growth of the team from just two full-time members of staff to its current set-up of eight. And we’ve not even begun to talk about the endless support, advice and streams of pearly wisdom she’s imparted on her editorial team.

Al Gilby, one of the founding fathers and Director of this here publication said:We say a fond farewell to Ali, who has been fundamental in further establishing LeftLion as a key outlet for the Nottingham creative scene. We wish her all the very best in her exciting new role.

“It’s a real pleasure to appoint Bridie as Editor in what we know will be an exciting new chapter for both her and LeftLion. She is a shining example of what apprentices can achieve, and we are looking forward to working with her.”

Another former Editorial Apprentice, Lucy Manning, 22, has been promoted to the post of Assistant Editor and will work closely with Bridie to bring you, the people of Hoodtown, the goods you deserve.

Right. Off to the pub. We’ve got some congratulations to be getting on with. As you were.

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