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The Thompson Brothers on Sitting at Traffic Lights

11 April 17 interview: Jared Wilson

Nottingham's most opinionated greengrocers on...

April Fools
A few years ago there was a haberdashery shop down the road. Their window displays were a terrible mishmash. So we put an advert in the paper saying ‘Window Dresser Required’ with their phone number on it. They had hundreds of phone calls.

Nottingham Poetry Festival
We know nothing about poetry – we can barely read or write. We blame our schooling. Lots of people from the older generation can recite their favourite poems, but we missed out. There’s a lad in our shop who can recite Hamlet – and not just the “on my ‘ead son” lines.

Traffic Lights
We’d like to complain about the traffic lights outside the Ice Stadium. When we’re driving back from the market at 5am there’s no traffic or pedestrians at all, but we still have to sit at red lights for ages. I reckon Nottingham has just bought a cheap computer set and it needs upgrading.

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