Dan Hardy To Become Sky Sports Regular

11 August 17 words: Curtis Powell

With the billion dollar super fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor breathing down our necks, MMA fans throughout the world have been hit with some knockout news...

Sky Sports have named former UFC welterweight title challenger, current colour commentator and proper Notts man Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy as an analyst for the UK and Irish broadcast. He’ll be joining none other than certified Hoodtown legend, Carl “The Cobra” Froch on the panel. Get in lad.

Hailing from good owd Nottingham, the former Trent University art student has been on a fighting journey since he was a nipper. He began training in taekwondo at only five years old and was competing by seven. Hardy started practicing karate, jujitsu, judo and wu shu into his late teens,when he eventually travelled to China to train with Shaolin Monks. He came back after a few months and decided to concentrate on his muay thai and MMA skills instead. “The Outlaw” was born.

Carl Froch is pretty much a household name in the Midlands, and the international boxing scene in general, and he makes frequent appearances on big fight panels. However, as MMA is a relatively new combat sport in comparison to boxing, you lot might not be too familiar with Dan Hardy (25-10 MMA, 6-4 UFC). Other than Hardy being one of the true British MMA pioneers, he’s recently been tasked with taking the mic at monthly UFC events, calling the shots and handing out clear explanations and precise breakdowns of the fight action. He’s been revered as a great analyst by MMA fighters and fans alike, so there’s no wonder Sky Sports gave him the job.

“It’s great to add someone with Dan’s knowledge of MMA to our coverage,” said Sky Sports Head of Boxing, Adam Smith. “McGregor’s legendary status in UFC, and the intricacies of the sport itself, are two incredibly important stories to tell – I’m sure Dan will do that brilliantly.”

Some would find it rather strange that an MMA fighter has be tasked with analysing a boxing match, but when you clock that one half of the main event is the UFC champion, it all becomes clear again. You need to have the best of both fighting worlds in a match up like this.

“I trained in boxing gloves my whole life,” Hardy states in his first Sky Sports diary blog. “The only time I wore MMA gloves is for light training before a fight, or during a fight itself.” It’s safe to say he’s definitely not alien to the differences between boxing and MMA.

In a recent conference call, Hardy stated his desire to add “some knowledge and intellect” to the forthcoming broadcast. Fair enough pal. We’re sure you’ll do a great job.

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