Club Tropicana

LL Stereo: With Bru-C, Katie Cooper, April Towers and more...

17 August 17 words: Paul Klotschkow

What you need in your ear holes this month...

Cherry Hex & The Dream Church - Toska

More sumptuous gloom and doom from the hypnagogic duo.

Louis Antoniou - I Don’t Want No More Woes

Croaky blues peddler conjures a warm growl from his guitar to aid in wiping those tears away.  

Josh Wheatley - Shiver

If we had a quid for every new song we heard that had that clichéd ‘whoah’ chorus hook we wouldn’t have to write this column.

April Towers - Takes One To Know One

The kind of everyman electro-indie that hits the town in its best Burton’s suit necking premium continetal lagers.

Katie Cooper - Fading

A noob to our ears but we hope she sticks around if she keeps making swooning R&B-lite jams such as this.

Bru-C x Hadean - Don’t Wanna Know

All we wanna know is where the MC got that swag ‘0115’ apron he styles out in his latest vid.

Hex – Limitless

The latest Notts musician to ink a deal with a major, let’s just hope the silky rapper doesn’t end up being a one album wonder like the others.

The Mocking Jays - Sex On The Beach

Indie-rock types sing about the joys of something we doubt that they’ve ever experienced.