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Green Light in the City

It's A Pie for a Pie at Pieminister

13 August 17 words: Ash Dilks

Mine’s a Moo. A Moo and Blue.

Read some of the headlines in this here mag and you’ll know we love a good pun, so we feel spiritually connected to the guys at Pieminister. Their menu is riddled with quality punnage and we respect that.

We popped over for lunch and tucked into some of their new offerings on their summer menu. I had the Mexi Cow; chilli con carne topped with cheese, wrapped in a pie. My mate had the Thai Chook; fragrant Thai green curry made with free-range chicken. Both of these are £6.50 with a choice of side, so we ordered a huge tower of onion rings, which were crispy and tasty, but their house recipe of soaking them in vinegar for twelve hours made them a little sharp for my delicate palate. We also tried the peas with chilli, which had fresh mint running through them too. Lovely.

We had a pun to drink, with a pint of Pie PA. A collaboration with Bath Ales, it was a bleddy refreshing beverage indeed, with subtle tones of exotic fruitiness.

Here’s the coolest part; the guys at Pieminister are a good bunch of eggs, so for every pie that’s purchased from their summer range, until Thursday 31 August, they’re donating a pie to UK Harvest.  

UK Harvest is a not-for-profit that collects quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it, direct and free of charge, to charities. Obviously making regular donations to the appropriate charities and volunteering your time are two of the best ways to help. But hey, if more businesses got stuck into partnerships like this, it would make a massive difference. Pieminister alone are predicting they’ll give away 10,000 pies with this initiative. Good on ‘em.

Pieminister, 57 Long Row, NG1 6JB. 0115 824 6600

Pieminister website

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