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Confetti - Do It For Real

4 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

6 August 17 words: Curtis Powell

Shoes and coats on, kids. It's go time...

Conversations in Rhythm

We're sure you all love to have a good owd chat and a natter, but have you ever conversed with music and rhythm? Two world class percussionists, Sanju Sahai & Bernhard Schimpelsberger, joined by guitarist Giuliano Modarelli, come together to celebrate the magic of rhythm. Bringing together their unique instruments from all corners of the world, the musicians will use Konnakol - the ancient rhythm language of India - to create a narrative that spans across cultures and generations. Props to the Nottingham Mela for supporting such forward thinking movements. You best be gerrin them tickets in right away.
Thursday 10th August, 7.30pm - 9pm, £4-6, New Art Exchange, event link

Punch-Drunk Comedy with Daliso Chaponda

This week, Oakleigh Lodge Social Club welcomes a new addition to their venue; Punch Drunk Comedy. Hailing from Northumberland and with a successful comedy venue established there already, these guys are spreading the laughs by the barrel and plan to take Notts' comedy circuit by storm. On the night, Britain's Got Talent 2017 finalist Daliso Chaponda will be gracing the stage with a whole heap of witty banter. Before Daliso starts his 2018 UK tour What The African Said, get a sneak peak of this versatile and hilarious comedian right here in Nottingham.
Monday 7th August, 7pm - 11pm (show starts at 8pm), £12.50 per ticket, Oakleigh Lodge, event link

Phlebas Pyjama Party

Have you ever thought to yerself "I wonder what it'd be like to rave it up in my PJ's"? Well, you need wonder no longer, cos it's now a complete possibility. Get your sleepover kit on and join the guys at Phlebas with another crazy night filled with all your favourite alternative anthems and more. This famously wild club-night never does things by halves. Residing in Hockley's hugely popular Bar Eleven, the fun never stops. Expect a giant teddy bear giveaway, pillow fights, cereal, fort building. You get the gist. Catch Phlebas every Tuesday night with a different theme to ensure yer never bored out yer noggin.
Tuesday 8th August, 7.30pm - 9pm, £2-5, Bar Eleven, event link

Summer Activity Day

Are the little'uns doin yer 'ed in and yer ran out of places to tek 'em? Fear not cos the lovely people at Primary art gallery are holding a range of exciting workshops to keep 'em all proper occupied. Join in and get hands-on with clay sculpting, gardening, natural dye making, even Kurdish dance classes. Don't worry about getting peckish as there's a BBQ spread provided on the day. Children, families and young people are all welcome and as it's a community event, you won't need to be dipping into the piggy bank. It's all free. Winner.
Wednesday 9th August, 2pm - 7.30pm, free, Primary, event link

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